The You Testament: The 2D Coming

The You Testament: The 2D Coming


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Name The You Testament: The 2D Coming
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About The You TestamentIt is believed that The You Testament is Mat Dickie's final work. Howe...
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About The You Testament

It is believed that The You Testament is Mat Dickie’s final work. However, he then had a change of heart and wrote a sequel titled Making of a Prophet with material centered on Muhammad, the founder of Islam.


The You Testament concentrates on Bible narratives for their content. After you finish creating your character, you will be transported back in time to BC where you will see Jesus in the opening scene. You can pick from historical or fictional figures like Columbus, Thor, or Luke Skywalker. You will encounter 50 Bible stories in the game. You are the one who experiences it, so you are free to edit and rewrite it as you see fit. The game provides original and imaginative ways to interpret biblical events. Even if you don’t practice any religion, the game still has a lot to offer you. You can comprehend that The You Testament is a game that simulates everyday life even though it uses context, Bible stories, and historical examples. We are able to design our own life and see how the results of our choices will play out in the future.


The virtual joystick key for moving left, right, up, and down is located on the left side of the game’s main screen. Double click to move in the desired running direction. Additionally, I’ll explain the other keys.

  • A: A strike.
  • G: Toss or grasp.
  • P: Move an object up or down.
  • Use anything you want, U.
  • P + U: Join any two things together.
  • Eye icon: Press to snooze, hold to think.

Each decision opens a new story

Right. This makes it possible for The You Testament to provide gamers various experiences. A guard once appeared and demanded payment for taxes. Nothing unpleasant happens if you are willing to collaborate. But if you decline, he’ll lock you up and a ton of fresh tales will start to circulate. You can still continue your trip in one manner or another.

Many interesting activities

Your character in The You Testament continually feels extremely hungry. The workaround is to capture and slaughter some animals for food, such as chickens, rabbits, and geese. However, if you keep eating after your food bar is filled, you might throw up. Your health is significantly affected by this. The best approach to restore health is to sleep. You should be aware that sleeping on a bed or in a warm environment is preferable to doing so on the ground. Considering that sleeping on the floor can lower your energy bar. Numerous folks will require your assistance throughout your quest. You can save the lives of some people by holding them in your arms as they pass away. They will be grateful and you will feel joyful. A fantastic product is always good work, right?

MOD APK version of The You Testament

MOD Feature

Unlocked Every

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Download The You Testament MOD APK for Android

Join The You Testament right away to change the course of history with your help. In this intriguing game, unravel the riddles of the 50 Bible stories. Please post a comment below the article if you want to talk about the game.

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