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The Wolf

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Name The Wolf
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Package com.swiftappskom.thewolfrpg
Publisher Swift Apps Ltd
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Version 2.5.1
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Requires Android 5.0Network required
MOD Features Unlimited Money
About The WolfIn Game of Thrones, the wolf represents house Stark, a powerful, uni...
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About The Wolf

In Game of Thrones, the wolf represents house Stark, a powerful, unified, and devoted family that never fails to aid and defend others in their immediate vicinity. Ned Stark once said: “The lone wolf dies but the pack survives when the snows come and the white winds blow.” Wolves have historically been revered in both culture and religion. This animal represents both the good and the terrible, for power, tenacity, camaraderie, and achievement. I pondered what life would be like for wolves after reading Jack London’s book “The call of the Wild.” It must be natural, free-ranging fauna. We are free to pursue our interests without concern for our jobs or everyday obligations. Fortunately, The Wolf really aided in my ability to respond to such inquiries.

What is The Wolf?

Swift Apps has released the multiplayer role-playing game The Wolf. In contrast to the other role-playing games I’ve discussed, the character you play as is a wolf rather than a warrior or a witch. Find food, water, engage in animal hunting, or even engage in combat with other wolves that intrude on your territory. On your phone, you may play this game and live the life of a wolf in the wild.


Its story is nonexistent. Your only task is to manage the wolf and figure out how to live in the steppe. In actuality, wolves frequently follow the pack, but in this game, you are by yourself entirely. With all of your instincts and bloodlust, you are a wolf. Get lost in nature and experience its immense force for yourself. For your hunting expedition, the forest is home to a variety of other species. They could be deer, sheep, rabbits, or sheep. Buffalo floods make for excellent prey as well, but if you don’t want to get shot, hunt them by staying with the flock. Be cautious since you can come across predators like tigers and lions that are higher up on the food chain than wolves.

Upgrade your wolf

Wolves’ Health, Attack, Defense, and Speed stats can all be changed. You will level up and gain the ability to upgrade your stats after killing an animal while hunting. The characteristics and abilities of the Wolf are separated into three groups: Basic (normal attack, health regeneration, etc.), Aura (crit damage, after-death regen), and Special (frost spike, poisonous skin, etc ). Additionally, there are other wolf species to pick from, including the fabled Black Wolf and the Gray Wolf. Hunt, battle, and rise to the position of true steppe wolf Alpha.


The Wolf offers you a fantastic visual experience with its top-notch 3D visuals. The wolf’s actions, demeanor, mobility, and hunting technique are all accurately replicated. In addition, the globe is full of breathtaking views of the steppe and ancient forests. In the holiday edition, every wolf in the game gets decked out in a Santa Claus hat. That’s adorable!

MOD APK version of The Wolf

MOD Feature

Unlimited Money: Even without money, you can upgrade your wolf.

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Download The Wolf MOD APK for Android

The Wolf is a fantastic game for a boy like me who enjoys nature-themed games because it allows me to explore the wild environment from the perspective of a wolf. Downloading this game from the links below is free for both iOS and Android users.

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