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Name The Room
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Version 1.08
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Introduce about The RoomThe Room was initially made available on iOS in2012, but Fireproof Games decided to make it available on Android, Micros...
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Introduce about The Room

The Room was initially made available on iOS in2012, but Fireproof Games decided to make it available on Android, Microsoft Windows, and Nintendo Switch because of its popularity. After all, it won numerous accolades and rose to the top of the list of physics puzzle games.


There is a backstory behind The Room. It describes an enigmatic scientist attempting to learn what is contained in a mystery house’s room. But he was unable to escape, thus he was abandoned in the pitch-black night with sorrow. You start receiving the boxes as soon as you join the game. There are letters in it that tell distinct stories, as well as puzzles that require solutions.


The system provides you with information, including control instructions, before you begin your search for a way out of the enigmatic room. It seems that The Room has a physics puzzle system. To escape the nightmares that are inevitably coming, you will need to look for objects in the location where you are trapped. As you are aware, there is a story in the game, but during the puzzle, the system gives absolutely no information. This means that in order to put together a full solution, you must recall any information or objects you uncover. I spent some time pacing around in what looked to be an empty room while wondering myself, “What will get me out of here?” till I stumbled upon a tiny hint indicating how to open the chest in the closet. Thankfully, there were a few directions, and following them took me to another chamber. Actually, those who lack patience shouldn’t play this game. Any tiny bit of knowledge can be used as a clue and aids in assisting you in overcoming obstacles. Fireproof Games implied that all the clues were in the room even if they withheld information regarding the plot’s conclusion. You can discover it and provide some insight into what the unfortunate scientist has spent so much time looking for.

Don’t give up!

As you work through more puzzles, you delve further into the narrative and encounter more challenging situations. Each case has a smaller box behind it. You start to feel as though there is a shortage of information as the problem gets shorter. But before jumping to such conclusions, pause to consider whether the objects and hints you have just discovered have been employed correctly or not.

Finding new ideas

The Room’s puzzles are innovative and captivating. Since the concepts behind each response vary frequently, they are not monotonous or rigorously repetitive. You occasionally need to search for a key to unlock an enigmatic chest in the glass case to uncover what’s within. To access a new area or simply turn on the lights for more light, you may occasionally need to look for and flip switches. To demonstrate to you that it is just a logical problem, the weird atmosphere is continuously shifting and transporting you through a wide variety of emotions. With The Room: Old Sins, carry on your adventure!


Beautiful 3D graphics, physical models that are detailed but designed in a traditional style, and dark colors are used to depict the entire story of The Room. This aspect of the game is probably responsible for some of its success. Screams, strange noises coming from the stillness, and signs of violence are all vividly depicted. They will have a significant psychological impact on you as you attempt to leave the enigmatic room.

How to install The Room APK + OBB?

You haven’t installed the OBB file if you try to install The Room APK and get the message “Download failed because you may not have purchased this app.” Don’t worry; just take these actions: Leave a comment if the installation is giving you any trouble. We will help you as soon as we can. You can also try other applications like My Talking Angela 2, Plants vs. Zombies 2, and Into the Dead.

Download The Room free for Android

Your excitement upon learning something new, curiosity, and fear will all be captured in the experience that is The Room. You now know why this game received a rating of 4.8/5 and more than 6.5 million copies were sold globally.

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