The House of Da Vinci

The House of Da Vinci

Blue Brain Games S.r.o.

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Name The House of Da Vinci
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Introduce about The House of Da VinciThe House of Da Vinci, a puzzle game by Blue Brain Games, is incredibly or...
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Introduce about The House of Da Vinci

The House of Da Vinci, a puzzle game by Blue Brain Games, is incredibly original and combines engaging puzzles with an adventure theme. Players will need to escape the chamber once they have entered this realm while looking for hidden objects to solve puzzles. Analyze and shed light on the disappearance of the homeowner using your good judgment and intellect.

The story

The House of Da Vinci’s plot centers on a young, aspiring Italian artist. He unexpectedly learns one day that his master, Leonardo, has vanished into thin air. Nobody is aware of his whereabouts or what transpired. He didn’t want his adored teacher to suffer any harm as a pupil. He has started using a variety of search techniques to find his tutor. He first considered Leonardo’s home. It is however jam-packed with enigmatic inventions, escape devices, and difficult puzzles. They are dispersed all over. Only those with strong logical reasoning abilities can crack these codes.


When visiting The House of Da Vinci, gamers will experience life in the Renaissance and be able to explore every inch of the home of the greatest painter in history. Players can more accurately sense the game’s setting from the first perspective. Along with house exploration, the player must solve numerous mechanical challenges. Although Leonardo’s innovations were miracles, they were a significant deal to those who were unaware of them. Every circumstance and thing needs to be processed logically and intelligently. And if gamers want to learn more about the missing teacher, they must figure out that puzzle. The issue is generally pretty simple to understand. For instance, you might have to battle a war machine, escape from a locked area, or discover the password for a locked music box. Additionally, as they move about and investigate the enigmatic mansion, players must also look for misplaced items that are strewn about. Observe how the things are organized differently from how the room is laid out in order to improve play. Considering that hidden things might be positioned directly behind them. The creator looked into and included numerous riddles based on actual concepts and inventions by Leonardo Da Vinci to further enhance the game’s originality. You will discover the hidden locales created in relation to well-known paintings. Avoid missing!

An unique content

The gameplay of The House of Da Vinci is comparable to that of The Room. The House of Da Vinci gave players a function to help them remember all the information they have discovered rather than forcing them to learn it all and link it together into a coherent response. The player will be able to remember and comprehend the story better as a result. Players don’t need to worry about missing crucial information because they may use this function anytime they need to.

Discover interesting mysteries

In actuality, this game is not for the impatient. I looked about the space for a considerable amount of time. I was feeling really stuck and frustrated at the time since I had no idea how to escape. And after discovering a minor hint, I came to the conclusion that I had been too impatient and unobservant earlier. Any small piece of knowledge would be helpful and usable. The House of Da Vinci’s puzzles are innovative and captivating. The concept behind each response is continuously shifting, so it never gets monotonous. If you want to succeed, players need to continually explore!


The 3D graphics in the game are intricate and remarkably realistic. The House of Da Vinci is covered in a traditional architectural style with an old-world western setting, after the Middle Ages. Every last aspect has been carefully planned. Its hue is a little bit cloudy, but that fits the mood of the game.

How to install The House of Da Vinci APK + OBB

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Download The House of Da Vinci APK for Android

The encounter of The House of Da Vinci will capture curiosity and the thrill of discovery. The game will immediately captivate you if you enjoy playing adventure games or are intrigued by the mystery surrounding this talented painter.

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