The Game of Life 2

The Game of Life 2

Marmalade Game Studio

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Name The Game of Life 2
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Package com.marmalade.gol2
Publisher Marmalade Game Studio
Category Board
Version 0.2.97
Size 548M
Requires Android 6.0
MOD Features Unlocked
Introduce about The Game of Life 2By taking part in The Game of Life2, you are once more given the opportunity to...
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Introduce about The Game of Life 2

By taking part in The Game of Life2, you are once more given the opportunity to construct the virtual life of your dreams. Do you prefer working as an apparel designer or an electrical engineer? Do you enjoy leading a liberated life and pursuing your everyday hobbies and passions? The second installment of this game series provides the right setting for achieving your goals. Put all your worries aside and unwind with your loved ones in a vibrant environment.


The majority of life simulation games have realistic role-playing gameplay and 3D graphics as its foundation. The Game of Life 2 expresses the same ideas, but it does so in a new way, using a board format and random moves. That indicates that not all options are available. Because every move and phase is displayed through the board with a magic spin, you will have to judge it for yourself. The interface for the game first shows how many people you can create. Counting from one to four. Each of them will receive an identity name, and when it is their turn, they will each be in charge of the rotation. Making spinning is quite easy. To spin them, all you have to do is tap the wheel in the center of the screen. The number of advancing steps on the board is determined by the needle. There is a distinct action for each cell. The character will have two random options when he enters. You are allowed to choose what your character does. As an illustration, if you choose a career over college, the character can start earning money right away. However, if you choose education, you must spend to acquire information. These creatures, however, are silent. Because nobody can predict who will advance the most in the future.

Many modes

You can play The Game of Life 2 in Single Player, Online Multiplayer, Online with Friends, and Pass and Play, among other modes. The Game of Life 2 transitioned from Single-Player to a life simulation game. Idle Life Sim and Life Simulator 3 that I previously introduced have comparable fundamental gameplay and content to this option. You will create your own life and decide on your job and educational route. Spend time with loved ones while juggling your activities. Online multiplayer and online with friends come after that. When you interact with other online gamers or connect with friends, the mechanism is the same. There will be increased difficulty and competition in the game that defines each person’s existence. Pass and play is the last step. This mode is a little different because the board’s cells offer more unique alternatives. You can also explore brand-new environments. Finally, you have complete control over every character you make in the game.


An overview of the game reveals that its backgrounds are made up of vibrant images. Everything in the context, including the trees, buildings, amusement parks, cars, and people, is pretty much designed. They are merely models, though, and not very intricate. The Game of Life 2’s developer may have left out the specifics in order for the game to function properly on low-profile devices while also preventing the player from feeling glamorous while playing. The sound and effect quality truly lend itself to entertainment. As you spin, you’ll hear entertaining background music and see stars and light rays.

MOD APK version of The Game of Life 2

MOD feature

Unlocked Every


Although The Game of Life 2 is a paid game, there are extra packages available inside the store. If you want to explore exclusive content, you will have to pay again. But since our MOD APK version has unlocked them, it is no longer a problem. You have access to other worlds, including the land of fairies! What exists? Purple light sources surround a magical area with castles, lanterns, and other structures. You can also try other applications like Art of War: Legions, Real Flight Simulator, and Live Or Die: Zombie Survival Pro.

Download The Game of Life 2 MOD APK for Android

The Game of Life 2 demonstrates once more why playing a board game is a special opportunity that shouldn’t be missed. There are unpredictable factors, life-changing choices, and much more interesting material to come. Now that you have downloaded the game, play it with your friends!

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