The First Tree

The First Tree

David Wehle, Llc

Overview Information

Name The First Tree
Updated On
Package com.davidwehle.thefirsttree
Publisher David Wehle, Llc
Category Adventure
Version 1
Size 49M
Requires Android 6.0
MOD Features No
Introduce about The First TreeBefore being offered on Google Play for$4.99, the game The First Tree enjoyed great popularity on platforms including the Nintendo Switch, Steam, and Xbox One. ...
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Introduce about The First Tree

Before being offered on Google Play for$4.99, the game The First Tree enjoyed great popularity on platforms including the Nintendo Switch, Steam, and Xbox One. David Wehle, an enthusiastic independent developer, created the game. You can follow him and read some of his knowledge on the websites and

The First Tree is not an animal simulation game

You must be aware of the following. The First Tree is more complex than that, although sharing some gameplay with the pure animal simulation games The Wolf and Flight. There are two levels of meaning to the game’s material. First, you take on the role of a mother fox searching for her pups in the snowy highlands of Alaska. The first tree is the destination if you follow the light dots on the screen, which represent the directions to the trees stated in the plot. The voyage of the fox is only the beginning of the tale. Through the stories Joseph is telling his wife, Rachel, along the journey, you will travel to his memory realm. He talks about his past, his losses, his irreparable hurts, and the mistakes he made that ruined his father-son connection forever. The First Tree is a storytelling game, however it has no text at all. Use headphones so you can clearly hear every storyline point since Joseph’s voice is used to tell the story. Given how slow and convoluted the game’s plot is, I truly appreciate how patiently Rachel listened to Joseph’s entire tale. In two hours, the game’s entire narrative is finished. The First Tree won’t squander your two hours if you enjoy cerebral games, in my opinion.


The controls for The First Tree are comparatively easy. To move the fox, use the joystick on the left side of the screen. There is only one button to assist the fox in jumping on the right side of the screen. Tap twice consecutively to do a double leap. That is it, as the game just concentrates on the narrative and your experience and is not overly concerned with controls.

Stunning 3D environment

The First Tree transports you to Alaska’s snow-capped mountains. You are surrounded by a gorgeous natural setting that is covered in white snow. It’s tangible from a third angle. The game’s world appears to go on forever; you keep playing, but you never reach its conclusion. The design of 3D graphics is precise and in-depth. Mountains and forests are highly realistic-looking objects. As is the day/night cycle of the weather. If you face the sun during the day, you might encounter glare. Despite the stunning and outstanding graphics of The First Tree, the scene has not undergone any significant alterations. If you play for an hour, you’ll quickly grow weary of moving and view only that one scene.

Music is composed by famous musicians

The First Tree’s music was especially drawn to David Wehle, who needed it to move the players. Famous musicians including Josh Kramer, Lowercase Noises, and Message to Bears contributed to and played on the soundtrack. Additionally, the music tracks adapt to how the story is performed, which makes the narrative richer and more emotive. To experience the game fully and in depth, you should wear headphones.
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Download The First Tree APK free for Android

The First Tree tells the player in a very unique way as a heartfelt tale of family love. You can experience a wide variety of adventures in the game by following the fox mother’s journey. Journey through Joseph’s regrets and memories while traversing a snowy mountain. What has he previously accomplished? Can the mother fox locate her young? Please look in The First Tree for the solution.