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The Catapult 2


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Name The Catapult 2
Updated On
Package com.byv.TheCatapult2
Publisher Byv
Category Action
Version 6.6.1
Size 142M
Requires Android 5.1 and up
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Introduce about The Catapult 2The first instalment, titled The Catapult, has over 20 million downloads on Google Play. Fol...
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Introduce about The Catapult 2

The first instalment, titled The Catapult, has over 20 million downloads on Google Play. Following that success, the game’s sequel, Part 2, was officially released, featuring numerous extra features compared to its predecessor.

Addictive tower defense game

The Catapult 2, like the preceding portion, relates the storey of valiant soldiers who defended the kingdom alone from stickman assaults. The tower with just one archer stands between your enemy and your kingdom. If you don’t succeed, they’ll assault your kingdom and ruin everything you care about.

The Catapult 2’s gameplay is unlike those of other typical tower games. Its gameplay is a hybrid of tower defence and trajectory shooting. Your job, similar to that of Angry Birds, is to safeguard the bird kingdom rather than to destroy the blue pigs. You may alter the direction with one finger, then pull back to modify the force bar. When you fire the bullet, it will smash the adversary. You should be aware that this is not a turn-based game. That means you may attack adversaries at any time, and they can attack you as well.

New weapons, new enemies

Your adversaries’ strength has been greatly increased in The Catapult 2. With each level, they become stronger, defend better, and the number of adversaries increases. The game provides you with a selection of formidable weapons to guarantee balance.

Aside from the aforementioned weapons, you may employ weapons such as thunder, cannon, arrow… In defence, the magic shield is an excellent alternative for temporarily protecting the tower. Don’t forget to level up your fighter. If he dies, the tower will be rendered inoperable without a guard. His headgear, armour, and strength may all be improved in order to make him stronger.

Upgrade the tower

You begin the game with a primitive wooden structure. Following that, it may be upgraded to more powerful towers such as stone towers, iron towers, and so on. This is vital while playing Campaign mode since your adversaries will get stronger over time, and you will need enough strength to repel their assaults. In addition, you may purchase unique abilities such as summoning thunder, hourglass…

In the game, there are several methods to earn money. You may play Campaign mode, accomplish missions, earn daily prizes, and watch advertisements… However, the upgrade costs a lot of money and it takes a long time to receive it.

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