The Battle Cats

The Battle Cats

Ponos Corporation

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Name The Battle Cats
Updated On
Publisher Ponos Corporation
Category Games
Version 11.6.0
Size 84M
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features Unlimited XP/Cat Food
Introducing The Battle CatsDo you adore felines? Let's fight alongside adorable cats in The Battle Cats to defend the planet. Earth is going through an...
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Introducing The Battle Cats

Do you adore felines? Let’s fight alongside adorable cats in The Battle Cats to defend the planet. Earth is going through an economic crisis, and terrorist groups have attacked the planet and installed a new government. All nuclear power stations are occupied by them, and they transfer energy to create time travel. When numerous other creatures tried to stop it and attacked it, this is not a simple task.

Simple gameplay

Yes. The Battle Cats’ control scheme is really straightforward. The majority of strategy games demand that you carefully prepare and calculate your strategy. This game is unique; it’s a sweet cartoon game that makes everything more straightforward and attractive than ever. In the tower defense game The Battle Cats, you must protect your base against the cat army’s numerous bizarre shapes that you have never seen before. You must choose wisely because different cats have various abilities. You must snicker at how strong an opponent your adversaries are. They could be canines, reptiles, hippos, etc. Simply click on the icon of the cat you wish to select when the animals appear to be moving towards your base. Over time, you will acquire a specific amount of money. When your cat first appears, they will immediately start fighting any foes they come across until they are either vanquished or dead. So, all you have to do to win is assess the power of the animals who attacked your base. The proper cat that has the ability to repel other animals can then be selected. Your special weapon is a really good option if your opponent is crowded and you don’t have enough money to pick the cat. You can use special weapons to deliver a great degree of damage and eliminate lots of foes at once. Treasure is also crucial, and you should gather as much of it as you can because it will enable you to make stronger goods and give your base more stability.

Some noteworthy points

The quantity of characters is one aspect that sets this game apart from others. You can pick from more than 300 cats in The Battle Cats with amusing facial expressions to combat. You are only allowed to transport 10 different kinds of cats in each level. Leveling up your kitties will make them stronger. When you advance to level10, which is now the maximum level, your cat has incredible power that is significantly greater than at level 1. However, there is little player engagement in the game. It would be quite exciting to challenge other players in 1v1 matches, hence I believe the game should feature more PvP modes.


The Battle Cats’ aesthetics are straightforward and unremarkable, but they nonetheless excite me greatly. The animals in the game are drawn with simple strokes but have very vibrant colors, giving them a bizarre and amusing appearance. I consider The Battle Cats to be a good amusement game that features both good gameplay and visuals. You should play the game with kids if you want to give them a positive impression of the animal kingdom. The game can now be downloaded for free and requiresiOS 9.0 or higher and Android 4.0.3 or higher.

MOD APK version of The Battle Cats

MOD features

You learn that you require more when playing the game’s original edition. You also gain a lot of XP and Cat Food when you download and play the MOD version of The Battle Cats (9999999). Remember that even after you spend them all, your XP and Cat Food numbers won’t return to their former values. You can also try other applications like Dead Trigger 2, N.O.V.A. Legacy, and Brawl Stars.

Download The Battle Cats MOD APK for Android

The Battle Cats is described in-depth above, along with details about the MOD version of the game. And now, if you enjoy this game, click the link below to download it right away.

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