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Introduce about TextNowHundreds of thousands of calls and texts are made and received every second as you read this article. In the past, resolving communication issues was difficult and co...
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Introduce about TextNow

Hundreds of thousands of calls and texts are made and received every second as you read this article. In the past, resolving communication issues was difficult and costly. However, it is now fully free, and TextNow provides this service. Download this program to get a second phone number and instantly communicate with loved ones.

Call your friends easily

This program, like Whatsapp Messenger or Truecaller, allows you to make unlimited audio calls and send text messages. Voice chat, sending images, text messages, and making external calls are all included. TextNow will provide each user with a virtual phone number (akin to an ID) with US and Canadian area codes. When using this program to contact partners in these areas, many firms claim to have saved a significant amount of money on telephone expenditures. In terms of text messages, the program has a library of symbols, stickers, icons, and gifs in a range of topics, allowing you to accurately express/convey your particular feelings.

Excellent quality

The call quality has always been a concern for which many large developers have yet to find a solution. When they connect to each other over a slow internet connection, the information in the form of electromagnetic waves cannot be properly conveyed, resulting in interference and data loss. TextNow is of higher quality, perhaps the greatest I’ve ever encountered. Even if the connection is weak, it can still function. If the internet becomes unstable, the user will be notified before being disconnected. Furthermore, it is feasible to make international calls through telecommunications networks for as little as $0.01 per second. You can pay for them or get a discount by participating in in-app events.

The interface is optimized

TextNow’s user interface is quite lovely and stylish. It concentrates on the things that a user is interested in, so it’s simple to use and doesn’t take long to master. The developer also included shortcuts, which users could attach to their home screens. It’s easier than ever to send a text or make a phone call. You can also personalize the display interface, including the sound, text fonts and sizes, and ringtones for texts and calls.

Security and personalization

We don’t want anyone examining our phones, reading our messages, or contacting the persons we’ve been contacted about. Messenger and other comparable applications do not use passwords as security methods. This will necessitate the use of third-party services. It was, however, merged with TextNow. PassCode can be set up to prevent someone from invading your privacy without your permission. Google’s SmartLock technology is also available. You don’t have to remember passwords every time you log in because it has a clever password manager. Verified gadgets may be used to control this procedure. The monitoring steps will be logged as well, allowing you to maintain the tightest possible control. The hacker’s door is likewise shut!

Support on multiple platforms

You can install TextNow on most popular systems, including Android, iOS (iPhone / iPad), Windows, and macOS. When you can experience it anyplace, it’s suspiciously convenient. In the office, at a cafe, or even while driving. One of this application’s standout features is synchronization. All calls, texts, audio, and images made on your iPhone will be broadcast to all logged-in devices. As a result, when you switch devices, the information will not be lost.

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MOD APK version of TextNow

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked: All Premium features have been unlocked. It is available for free download and use.

How to login in the MOD?

Download TextNow Premium APK (MOD Unlocked)

Download TextNow and take use of the greatest services available. Make international calls at a low cost and contact your friends fast and easily. Over 50 million people have downloaded the app. Will you be the next person to join this community?

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