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Temple Run

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Name Temple Run
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Package com.imangi.templerun
Publisher Imangi Studios
Category Casual
Version 1.20.0
Size 47M
Requires Android 4.4Can play offline
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Introduce about Temple RunThe creation of the video game Subway Surfers is the most convincing illustration of how popular the endless-runner game genre is. When it was initially released, m...
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Introduce about Temple Run

The creation of the video game Subway Surfers is the most convincing illustration of how popular the endless-runner game genre is. When it was initially released, millions of players all around the world quickly installed it. And by the time you finish reading this piece, there will be more than one billion. SYBO Games’ concept, though, was quickly imitated. I’m referring to the video game Temple Run. But with some new gaming elements and features, it will provide you with a unique experience.

Gameplay with a lot of challenges

As you are aware, barriers are mostly what make Subway Surfers challenging. They may be immovable items, such as barricades, or moving objects, such as a train traveling the opposite way. More can be said about Temple Run. Roads are frequently without screens on either side, relatively small, and heavily demolished. Deep holes made by this road can potentially result in your character’s demise. Fog starts to appear as you move farther away, obstructing your view. This is the game’s subtly telling you that if you want to explore the entire forest, your reflexes must be better demonstrated. The forest is quite huge. No player has ever been able to explore the limitless trip it generates. The more time you spend running, the more you’ll realize how much harder it is since turns and obstacles keep popping up. Try playing Temple Run 2 if you have some free time.


The game provides you with instructions when you first start playing. You can move left or right of the road by turning left or right, jumping up and down, slipping, or by tilting the device. Additionally, more control buttons require developers to create more difficulties to match them.

What led to this journey?

There is a backstory to Temple Run. It describes a gang of explorers breaking into an old woodland and taking a deity statue from a forsaken temple. Once outside, they discovered a huge ape was after them after something they shouldn’t have taken. The group of adventurers only had one survivor, after all. Death is pursuing him from behind while he is holding the statue and attempting to flee.

Many characters to role-play

You can purchase additional characters with the gold you acquire in this game, in addition to the default one, captain Guy Dangerous. They are all exceptional individuals who are smart and have expedition experience. A young woman named Scarlett Fox is introduced as a runaway artist. She has red hair. Karma Lee appears fairly tough to maneuver while wearing a kimono, but she has the fastest legs in the Far East. Or the blue-helmeted rugby legend Jack Wonder.


The gaming system will offer assistance objects like cash and magic charms so you can get through obstacles as you move along the temple to escape the wicked monkeys. However, given how passive it is, you shouldn’t have too high of expectations. To play better, enhance the strength (Powerups) and utility (Utilities). The character gains the ability to move quickly over a considerable distance (depending on the level upgraded), become invisible for a while to avoid danger, or accelerate 2500 meters from the starting point to gain extra points.

MOD APK version of Temple Run

MOD feature

If you don’t have enough money to acquire characters or update the index, you can use unlimited money. Be at ease. You can use our MOD version.

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Download Temple Run MOD APK for Android

Adventurers can physically interact with the objects they are searching for in movies about treasure hunting. However, whether they receive it or not relies on their bravery and capacity for survival as they must navigate perilous trap-filled secret labyrinths. You play as the main character in Temple Run. Give it your all to get the old statue.

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