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Taxi Game 2


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Name Taxi Game 2
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Publisher Baklabs
Category Games
Version 2.3.0
Size 42M
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Introduce about Taxi Game 2Human travel becomes more crucial than ever in a world that is becoming more sophisticated. The pace of life and work is accelerating, making punctuality essential...
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Introduce about Taxi Game 2

Human travel becomes more crucial than ever in a world that is becoming more sophisticated. The pace of life and work is accelerating, making punctuality essential for doing the job well. As a result, transportation services like taxis and motorcycle taxis are growing in popularity. So, are you interested in trying out driving a cab to see whether this career interests you? Try it out right now with Baklabs’ interesting simulation game Taxi Game 2.


You may simulate operating a taxi in Taxi Game 2. Although it looks easy and comfortable, the challenges and risks that the taxi driver encounters are numerous. Getting the guests to the appropriate location and time is the player’s job. Following that, you can create your own well-known cab brand, similar to Grab and Uber today. The popular taxi simulation game genre’s newest iteration is this. The game gives you a fresh perspective on being a taxi driver with several cutting-edge features. Move to the passenger’s location using the directions on the map at the top of the screen when they ask for a taxi. You will be paid on schedule if you can get them to safety. The amount you get depends on how far you traveled. Your main focus is safety. Drive as rapidly as you can to your goal while observing the rules of the road. Your screen is modeled after a real car’s dashboard and steering wheel. You can utilize the on-screen buttons to carry out simple actions while your cab is traveling, such accelerating, braking, going backward, or turning on turbo mode. Turbo mode is a fuel-saving mode that is quite helpful when you run out of petrol and are far from the closest gas station.

Experience the work of a taxi driver

You’ll be able to drive your automobile with assurance and explore the city once you’ve mastered the controls in Taxi Game 2. I simply commute to work and return home every day, but exploring the city while driving is always an adventure. Every travel is an experience that teaches you a variety of surprising lessons. You feel that you are too accustomed to one way of looking at daily life. From behind the wheel of the car, you will be surprised by city life. In a crowded, hectic environment, people move around. There are cars everywhere. Particularly, working as a cab driver broadens your worldview and introduces you to new individuals every day. Enter your vehicle, turn the key, and take the wheel like a genuine driver. People are always helped to arrive promptly and safely by a taxi driver. You will be paid more as you successfully guide guests to the desired destination more frequently. But take caution! It is a difficult task. City life is incredibly hectic and busy. To avoid receiving a harsh penalty, pay attention to other vehicles, pedestrians, and traffic lights. Additionally, remember to refuel the vehicle after a predetermined distance.

Unlock new cars

No doubt. In racing or driving simulation games, the player’s primary goal is to amass large sums of money and purchase their preferred supercars. Another example is Taxi Game 2. You can access a lot of luxury and more expensive cars by starting with a standard vehicle. The publisher has created realistic simulations of numerous well-known companies from the real world, like Mercedes and Ferrari. Do you worry about how much money you make every day? In addition to working hard, using our Taxi Game 2 is an easier option to assist you in purchasing your preferred autos (MOD Unlimited Money). You have money available in the game, so you can buy and upgrade whatever car you like.


Taxi Game 2’s graphics stand out thanks to its vibrant 3D open universe. To give you the impression that you are driving in real life, the pictures in the game are accurately recreated. There are also lots of picturesque and busy paths where you may unwind and discover life. Having a car with GPS navigation allows for easy travel without the worry of getting lost.

MOD APK version of Taxi Game 2

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: When using the MOD version, you have $1,000,000 USD.
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Download Taxi Game 2 MOD APK for Android

The creator of Taxi Game 2 guarantees that it will top the list of the best simulation games and be the best taxi simulation game available on the Play Store. The game promises to give you an interesting time to unwind with features that were carefully considered before launch and are continuously updated. You can get around the city while driving instead of walking to relieve stress and exhaustion after a long day at work.

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