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Introduce about TapScannerIt's as simple as picking up your phone and scanning.Why do you need to scan documents?There are numerous items that must be stored. Of course, online st...
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Introduce about TapScanner

It’s as simple as picking up your phone and scanning.

Why do you need to scan documents?

There are numerous items that must be stored. Of course, online storage is far superior than traditional hard copy storage in terms of quality, speed, and ease of sharing. You might be wondering why not simply photograph the paperwork. An image cannot replace a scanned image for several reasons. The first is because the scanned image is always official, serious, and standard, which you cannot achieve no matter how carefully or professionally you shoot photographs. It is dependable and offers the best document, voucher, receipt, and invoice template format. We could only scan documents with a scanner in the past, and not everyone was aware of how to use it. Every time I needed to scan a form or document at school, I had to dash to the back of the building, find a local copier shop, and wait for around 30 minutes for my turn. Then, after graduating from high school and starting work, the office is enormous, but the scanner is only in the design room. I have to go to the design room every time I want to scan. Scanning documents is a time-consuming and exhausting experience for me. At the moment, all I could think about was how useful it would be to have a scanner on my phone. Then I’m familiar with TapScanner. Now, if I need to scan something for work, all I have to do is open the app and scan it; I don’t have to leave the house. Isn’t it amazing how convenient it is?

What is TapScanner?

TapScanner is an app that uses your phone’s camera to scan documents and saves them as high-quality PDF files, making them easy to store and share. You can scan anything, produce a wide range of photos in high-definition clarity, and print any size. When it comes to scanning, the quality must be mentioned. TapScanner allows you to scan a variety of documents, both large and tiny. There’s also a built-in custom flash mode, a grid to alter the shooting angle, and a scan mode selection in the app (scan once or scan repeatedly). You can use your phone’s camera to operate it, or you can use the device’s prior image of the related document. Every setting is useful, and the scanning efficiency varies little (provided the image is clear). Are you concerned because you don’t know whether or not the scan was negative? To be honest, after using TapScanner a few times, I found it convenient and fast, but the quality is comparable to a specialist scanner outside (I compared based on the same invoice, same paper material, and printed details). PNG or PDF output images are also available, and both are accessible in full HD quality or a resolution of your choice. You can also choose the paper size while printing, such as A4, A3, A5, etc. It is highly easy for anyone who wants to print because the text and information will be very clear, even after multiple printings and reprintings.

Automatically save files, sharing is extremely easy

When scanning in a group of individuals, there’s the risk of getting the wrong file or the machine deleting the file if the maximum storage capacity is reached. You don’t have to be concerned when you use TapScanner on your smartphone. Because, once the data scanning procedure is over, all scanned photographs in the format you want will be immediately transferred to cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. You can even save a table to your phone if you like (optional). The system’s maintenance and search are fairly simple once the files have been uploaded to the cloud. Simply access the account and you’re done, just like on your PC while searching and sorting folders. It’s also simple to share scans with TapScanner because to its fast interaction with a QR code reader, text ISBN, and email. Everything is merged with the most up-to-date and user-friendly technology.

You can also try other applications like WebComics, Fing, and Timestamp Camera Pro.

Post-processing of scanned images

Excess edges are always present in scanned photos, resulting in a loss of aesthetics. If you scan using TapScanner, the app will automatically detect and delete unwanted curves and unnecessary features, leaving you with a bright, well-balanced image. This is a capability that not all specialist scanners have. Even if you’re not satisfied with the image after automatically reducing the border and exporting it to HD, TapScanner offers a rudimentary photo editor with a variety of filters that you can use to further personalize it. The final image produced by this program will be the brightest, clearest, and sharpest possible. Crop, trim, rotate, alter brightness, contrast, remove shading, highlight characters, and a range of color filters like black and white tone, yellow light tone, and so on are all available. To summarize, all you have to do to use TapScanner is download the app and scan. The major purpose is to:

  • Use the phone’s camera or previous photos to quickly scan documents, receipts, and invoices.
  • Scanned documents can be saved in high-quality PNG and PDF formats, making them ideal for printing.
  • After scanning, the software stores all documents to the Cloud, which is both safe and convenient.
  • To make the scanned image clearer and more exact, automatically trim and delete the document’s border.
  • Basic scan editing tools are available to help clarify the material as much as possible.
  • The ability to locate, manage, and share documents is simple and quick.

MOD APK version of TapScanner

MOD feature

Unlocked Pro

Download TapScanner MOD APK for Android

Open the phone and scan it using the TapScanner program. Everything is simple, and storing and sharing information is a breeze. TapScanner will do the photocopying for you, so you won’t have to go to the store. TapScanner is available for download here. Wishing you the best of success with your papers.

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