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Tap Titans 2

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Name Tap Titans 2
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Package com.gamehivecorp.taptitans2
Publisher Game Hive Corporation
Category Games
Version 5.16.1
Size 140M
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Introduce about Tap Titans 2A follow-up to the well-known role-playing game created by Game Hive Corporation is called ...
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Introduce about Tap Titans 2

A follow-up to the well-known role-playing game created by Game Hive Corporation is called Tap Titans 2. Game Hive decided to release Part 2 with previously unreleased modes and features in response to Part 1’s success. This game is wholly incompatible with the aforementioned requirements in the midst of the period of complicated games and complex procedures. Although there is just one operation in the game, the outcomes demonstrate that there are more interesting moments than I had anticipated.

The blade master

You play as a strong swordsman in Tap Titans 2 with a goal to save the world from titans, enormous creatures. To defeat the evil huge monsters, use your sword. The game’s gameplay quickly brought to mind Fruit Ninja. Tap the screen with your finger to make the main character swing the sword at the monster when it appears on the screen. The game’s plot requires you to battle monsters and the boss in order. Nine enemies and a boss are present in each stage. The amount of times you can play Tap Titans 2 is unrestricted. If you believe your power is insufficient, return to the earlier stages and collect some cash to enhance your power. After taking down a boss, you have the chance to win a variety of tempting rewards. Avoid missing! You should be aware of a method whereby you can dramatically increase damage by using numerous fingers at once. You can use five or even ten fingers if your iPad is large enough.


The upgrade and improvement index system keeps the game engaging even though all you have to do to play is touch the screen. By building up your strength and overcoming challenging levels, you can sense your development. I play Tap Titans 2 every day because of the intriguing stories and enigmatic enemies. The game unlocks incredibly intriguing stories when each level is accomplished.


You’re not fighting this conflict alone, which is wonderful news. The game Tap Titans 2 rewards you with a pet if you achieve a certain level. They are your right-hand and dependable allies in the battlefield. Each pet has a unique set of special abilities, such as the ability to heal the owner or attack enemies. Your pet will level up each time you acquire a new pet that matches one you already have.


In general, Tap Titans 2’s graphics are not very detailed. However, the game still has a gorgeous, multicolored design. Meaning that even while monsters have very hilarious and hideous appearances, they are nonetheless extensively described with numerous spectacular effects. Instead of having a same scene throughout each stage, the game will transport you to a different location. In addition, the game’s UI was also carefully and logically created. The game limits your ability to touch the on-screen icons while you rapidly swipe the screen. That was incredible.

MOD APK version of Tap Titans 2

Why should you use Tap Titans 2 MOD APK?

You can use gold or diamonds to enhance your weaponry. Playing games daily is a way to gain gold. By viewing advertisements, you can earn diamonds. Logging onto your Facebook and Twitter accounts will grant you 50 free gems. Additionally, fulfilling achievements can get you a few gems. can use our Tap Titans 2 MOD APK, which is the simplest option (Unlimited Money).

MOD Feature

Unlimited Money: Every time you spend money, you receive more.
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Download Tap Titans 2 MOD APK for Android

I never imagined that tapping the screen could be that entertaining until playing this game. Additionally, Tap Titans 2 offers a ton of additional features, including PvP and Clanâ You can enlist your pals to help you defeat powerful creatures and earn valuable gifts.

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