Tap Tap Breaking

Tap Tap Breaking

Odaat Studio

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Name Tap Tap Breaking
Updated On
Package com.odaatstudio.powerman
Publisher Odaat Studio
Category Games
Version 1.77
Size 51M
Requires Android 4.1
MOD Features Unlimited Money, No Ads, Auto Breaking
Introduce about Tap Tap BreakingGameplayOverall, the gameplay of Tap Tap Breaki...
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Introduce about Tap Tap Breaking


Overall, the gameplay of Tap Tap Breaking is fairly similar to other idle games like Tap Tap Fish, AbyssRium, and Idle Miner Tycoon. In order to smash items and upgrade your character’s strength and endurance, all you have to do in this game is continually tap the screen. He will receive a certain quantity of coins, which will depend on how much damage he causes, each time he uses his hands to smash something. His health will likewise decline in exchange. He can’t keep using the hurt arm if his health is zero. It requires a break to rest. The Critical Power bar is located underneath the health bar. The attack’s point increases when a character breaks an object. The character enters an invincible state when that bar is full, demonstrating that his health is not deteriorating and that his destructive power has multiplied several times.

Many things to break

You begin Tap Tap Breaking in training mode with thin boards right away. New objects will become available as you gain strength and shatter more wood. Rocks, dragon balls, a mountain of rocks, planets, and even the sun may be there! How far can that human arm carry you?

Upgrade your character

If players want a better gaming experience, they should strive for the optimal balance in Tap Tap Breaking. Do you notice that the character has a lot of traits in the upgrading area, such as strength, health, and health recovery speed per second? When you damage those things, they are intimately connected. Imagine your experience being disrupted if you merely enhance the power without considering the rate at which your health will regenerate. Only a few attacks may be made before the character is seriously hurt and needs time to recover. Additionally, if you increase recovery speed without increasing health, the character will soon find himself in a similar predicament. You should also take Critical Power into account. It will be x2 regular power by default. However, if you upgrade it, this number could be multiplied by3,4, and more.


The game Tap Tap Breaking has three modes. The training mode that I described in the gameplay is the default. Even though it is an eternal journey, the challenge level isn’t quite as high as in Challenge mode. There are several little phases in that mode. There is just one type of object to break in each stage. After each round, the number will steadily rise, and if you make it through all 10 rounds, you’ll get the reward and advance to the next one. Naturally, solid things will be freed and replaced in lieu of the thin boards. Because this level has a time limit and you have to wait a minute to replay if you fail, you should prepare more carefully. Golden Bar, this mode is also active while the character is experiencing Critical Power Time. In order to receive the most bonuses, try to chop quickly.


The 2D graphics in Tap Tap Breaking are vibrant. The character’s color and emotional impact are intricately crafted, despite how straightforward it is. You also love the entertaining background music and the sound that the character makes as they attempt to smash the object with their hands.

MOD APK version of Tap Tap Breaking

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: You can increase the character’s health and strength indicators at any time with the money you have in this MOD APK version. This allows him to smash more solid items and go further in the game to find more powerful objects. Easy level passing with auto-breaking. You won’t be disturbed by advertisements anymore. You can also try other applications like LIMBO, Dragon City, and Dragon Ball Legends.


The ODAAT company has once more offered gamers insight into the mobile game. Finding role-playing or shooting games with detailed 3D visuals is not necessary because Tap Tap Breaking can entirely replace them with its expertise. You will have some fun moments with the straightforward and engaging gameplay. Download Tap Tap Breaking to smash the universe’s sturdiest items!

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