Tales of Luminaria-Anime games

Tales of Luminaria-Anime games

Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.

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Name Tales of Luminaria-Anime games
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Version 1.3.4
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Requires Android 8.0 and up
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Giới thiệu Tales of LuminariaIn the old magical realm, each life is a heroic narrative!...
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Giới thiệu Tales of Luminaria

In the old magical realm, each life is a heroic narrative!


Tales of Luminaria is an action-packed storey collection set in the mythical land of Luminaria. The prosperity of all races is formed in the magical world you dwell in by the Mana(s), which are born from a mystery enormous living form known as Primordial Beasts. It’s not anything people can comprehend. And, in order to safeguard Mana’s purity and prosperity, the Federation of Primordial Beasts was formed to guard this holiness. The Federation’s greatest objective is to respect nature and to constantly revere the perfect coexistence of man and environment.

The Empire group, on the other hand, was home to dark-minded people. They just seek to utilise Primordial Beasts as a source of energy. They constantly want to have total control over it in order to establish their own technology and civilisation.

When groups’ beliefs, ambitions, and techniques diverge, the world is always a conflict of casualties between the Federation and the Empire.

And you are a part of this never-ending battle.

The characters are as crowded as in the festival

The fundamental premise of Tales of Luminaria’s main tale is “Encounters transform the world.” As a result, the whole plot of the game centres on adventure, meeting new people, making friends, making enemies, growing up, and the characters’ relationships.

Tales of Luminaria features as many as 21 primary characters (?!). Each character has a unique backstory, life goal, and combat style. They have their own set of views, logic, and determination. They are all quite different, but they all have one thing in common: once they get an idea in their heads, they will live and battle for that noble concept.

Tales of Luminaria will allow you to witness the meeting of 21 great personalities. They might be like-minded or diametrically opposed, working together to achieve or destroy justice. You will gradually uncover each person’s life, origin, feeling, and pick the way to the future based on your actual personality by role-playing them.

Celia, for example, is an archer who can correctly aim adversaries from a distance. Edouard is a mercenary who excels in high-damage, high-flexibility attacks. More include Lydie Delacroix, Lisette, Lucien Dufaure, Vanessa Morax, Yels, Maxime Hasselmans, Michelle, Leo Fourcade, and others.

Importantly, by selecting one of them, you will be able to experience the tale through the eyes of that individual. That is, if you choose a different character, the experience will be entirely different. Overall, you’ll want to play it again and over again. The 21 key characters have 21 distinct viewpoints and methods while being in the same huge primary narrative.

Collect equipment and upgrade characters

The game is essentially a series of infinite fights since it centres on the idea of war between two forces who never yield to each other but are obliged to live in the same universe. Battles and events in the game always take place in real time and space. If you are new to this genre, the game speed is fairly quick. Not to add the incredible character development. So, first and foremost, I believe you should take a minute to go over each member’s profile so that you don’t get overwhelmed.

Each character has a Basic Attack set, a Skill set, and Secrets. You may assist your character defend or strike by touching and swiping. Each action has its own distinct qualities that represent the personality and strengths of the chosen character.

Graphics and sound

The glistening beauty of this high-quality MMORPG is undoubtedly its graphics and acoustics. The anime flair is evident from the first vibrant pictures. There are several characters, ranging from the male and female leads to the supporting man and woman, as well as the boss-level bad group. However, Tales of Luminaria has done an excellent job of presenting each character in depth. Each individual is unique in terms of look, personality, talents, weaponry, and narrative. When you play the game, you go on a journey through 21 distinct storylines, depending on the character you choose at the start. Even with such a difficult assignment, Tales of Luminaria manages to complete it properly, without leaving any character behind. That may be considered a huge success.

To be honest, Tales of Luminaria’s tale does an excellent job. It’s much wonderful when accompanied with crying anime images.

The characters are beautiful, and the scenery is epic, but what about the actions and skills?

The PC version’s explosion and light effects aren’t much worse. The character’s mobility is excellent, moving back and forth, kicking, and soaring with ease. Before playing, I assumed the reduced version on mobile would be dodgy, but after playing it, I realised why so many people downloaded it.

The background music and sounds in the game are equally compelling when combined with the adorable anime graphic style. These are the gentle, low-pitched background music, which changes speed and tone based on the story’s progression. These are the sound effects when the weapons collide, as well as the sound that splits the air when a powerful move occurs. Isn’t this a fantastic combination?

Download Tales of Luminaria APK for Android

To summarise, if you wish to play an MMORPG, you should attempt Tales of Luminaria. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should since it is, in my view, one of the most unusual multiplayer mobile games available today.

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