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Name Swordigo
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Package com.touchfoo.swordigo
Publisher Touch Foo
Category Adventure, RPG
Version 1.4.4
Size 52M
Requires Android 4.1
MOD Features Unlocked All
Introduce about SwordigoFPP or TPP games are currently gaining enormous popularity worldwide. Typically, games like PUBG Mobile or Rules of Survival rule the industry and are influencing gam...
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Introduce about Swordigo

FPP or TPP games are currently gaining enormous popularity worldwide. Typically, games like PUBG Mobile or Rules of Survival rule the industry and are influencing game developers all around the world. In that context, Touch Foo, a publisher, launched the PS1 classic game Swordigo. Most of you probably still remember how it felt to use a 4-button gamepad to play Contra or Street Fighter. And just now, that memory will come to life once more, transporting us to our early years. Swordigo is still welcomed when it comes on Android devices even if it was released on Google Play a year after the App Store. The game has received positive reviews from gamers and more than 10 million downloads on Google Play to far.


The player joins Swordigo and changes into a teenage lad while still controlling humanity’s fate. You will supposedly travel with the youngster to various new places to carry out the given duties. However, this is also the first time the youngster has left his village. He is on a quest to save humanity from the monster hand. To finish the quest, gamers and characters will go to various locations, such as a bustling city and a chilly dungeon.


As I previously stated, Swordigo is created as a 2.5D horizontal viewing perspective rather than a first or third view. Move, leap, slash, and skills are some of the basic virtual controls available to the player on the screen. You can utilize a combination of keys to create combos that unlock various plot points when playing at a higher level, though. Like other storyline fighting games, Swordigo will give you some practice with the fundamental tools and techniques. The player will obtain an iron sword and magic to utilize kame hame ha like Songoku from Dragon Balls by completing easy tasks at the start of the game. As you continue to finish the given tasks and defeat monsters along the way, you will get experience and a specific amount of gold. The player is promoted to the next level, boosting their blood, damage, and speed stats, once they have accumulated the maximum amount of experience.

Unlock and upgrade characters

Players will encounter numerous quests as they explore Swordigo, and the difficulty of these quests will vary depending on the open plot. They don’t need a lot of thought, but you will need to build up your strength to get through them. In these situations, improving yourself to a breakthrough level is very necessary if you want to save humanity. Leveling up is the simplest way to increase your power. The time required to complete an action increases with level, and the few indices you receive for trying hard are insufficient to support you against challenging bosses. So finding new weapons and unlocking new talents is the best course of action. The player has the option to explore caverns or dungeons while on the goal to find sacred swords with awesome appearance and exceptionally high stats! One of them is the fire sword depicted on the game’s poster. Additionally, you can acquire more armor to boost your defense or upgrade your magic to deal massive quantities of damage to foes.

Mysterious puzzles

Swordigo routinely includes hidden questions with game material to challenge you in addition to killing and questing. Answering those questions correctly will reveal the new plot. Do not disregard them!

2D graphics

Swordigo lacks the same realistic and vibrant graphics as the most popular games right now because it is a horizontal PS1 style game. The graphics in this game are still fairly appealing, the colors are pleasing, and the brightness is appropriate for each area in the game. Players can freely explore and take in the exquisite aesthetics of various frames.

MOD APK version of Swordigo

MOD feature

Unlocked Every

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Download Swordigo MOD APK for Android

When I started playing Swordigo, I had the feeling that I was reliving every second of my youth, when the PS1 was a treasure for any child. Beautiful moments will always remain in the depths of everyone, and occasionally it’s fantastic to awaken that recollection. If you share the same views, get this game right away and book a flight to your early years.

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