Survival on Raft

Survival on Raft

Megaplay Studios

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Name Survival on Raft
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Publisher Megaplay Studios
Category Games
Version 316
Size 191M
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features Cheat Panel
Introduce about Survival on RaftA successful outcome for the braveEscape from death's doorA well-known clip from a passenger jet opens the game. Everything appears to be pretty no...
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Introduce about Survival on Raft

A successful outcome for the brave

Escape from death’s door

A well-known clip from a passenger jet opens the game. Everything appears to be pretty normal, but for some reason, you opened the plane window and peered outside. A roaring fire and an upward column of black smoke were also present. Nobody had time to respond or even comprehend what was going on. The display went dark. You awoke with a headache and felt lightheaded. You had an iron hook in your hands, which at the time was the game’s most priceless equipment. The environment was chaotic and quiet. Maybe nobody was still alive in the plane. I think so. In actuality, only you were fortunate enough to survive and were floating on the large piece of wood in the middle of the vast sea. The only thing that needs to be preserved in this scenario is life. Technology, processes, and readily available goods are all merely hazy ideas. You are utterly cut off from human civilization and are scrambling to survive in this place.

Then enter a new door of death

Let’s look around to see if there is anything that could endanger your frail life. With no food or drink, a scorching sun, hungry sharks, sickness, storms, large waves, and winds, the ocean is full of salty. When you find yourself in this difficult scenario, you may come to the conclusion that people are the weakest animals. We are always weak in the face of nature and unable to heal ourselves. But as I was playing this game, just as I was about to give up, I suddenly understood that, even if we are put in the most difficult situation, to live is to have everything. You will have to use every resource at your disposal to survive in this place from the minute you know your life is in danger until hope unexpectedly materializes.

Everything from the hands

Fortunately, you’re also skilled at some things. You require time and effort. You start to gather as many pieces floating around the wooden raft you are standing on with the large, sharp iron in your hand. To live as long as feasible is the aim. And in order to accomplish this, we must constantly create and construct a variety of items, including shelter, weapons, food, and water. You can create a device to catch rainwater and catch dew to receive fresh water by using pieces of wood with various shapes that you’ve pulled out of the water. The alcohol issue has been resolved. It can also help you survive for a few days when you find a few food or water cans that have been dropped from the plane debris. However, you will eventually need to discover alternative food sources. You will thus make slingshots and fishing hooks from the discarded pieces of metal and wood that you have gathered. In order to prepare meals and keep warm at night, wood is also utilized to make fire. You are so knowledgeable that you can gather some fresh produce, build humus from wood, and cultivate little crops right on your raft. This is one of the long-term, healthy food sources. The food issue is currently regarded as acceptable. Additionally, you start to expand your wooden raft and construct a little cabin on it so that you may spend the night there and stay out of severe weather using the materials and equipment that you keep picking up while floating. In an effort to reach shore before your energy runs out, you start making tools that accelerate your raft. You completed each of these by hand. Don’t miss any stuff, just gather as much as you can if you want to survive in the ocean. Even if it isn’t beneficial right now, it will be later.

Balance is everything

And you expend a lot of energy making everything. Working hard is important, but so is maintaining balance and the survival stats. Health, Hunger, and Thirst are some of those statistics. In order to maintain equilibrium and avoid falling without brakes and quickly burning out, it is imperative to supply the appropriate energy source as soon as one of the three aforementioned components begins to drop.

Multiplayer mode

As opposed to other sea survival games, which typically only have a single-player survival option. You can play either the single-player or multiplayer modes in Survival on Raft. When playing with plenty of friends, you can gather materials jointly, construct rafts, and aid one another in surviving in the vast and perilous ocean. Believe me, this experience is also quite tempting! It was warmer and more inviting to play together than to try to get by on my own, so I made an effort to invite my friend. This multiplayer mode is the one I’ll always pick.

MOD APK version of Survival on Raft

MOD feature

Display Cheat Panel


To enable Cheat Panel, tap “Cheats (F1)” in the bottom left corner of the screen. Look at the pictures below:

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Download Survival on Raft MOD APK for Android

No matter how minute, the 3D visuals and objects have extremely sensitive detail. Particularly, the game allows you to develop and exist entirely on your own, which is literally for brothers with architect blood. Survival on Raft is unique and draws a lot of players since it lets players experience the hard survival while handling everything themselves, isn’t that right? It’s worth a go; it won’t let you down.

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