Supreme Duelist Stickman

Supreme Duelist Stickman

Neron'S Brother

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Name Supreme Duelist Stickman
Updated On
Package com.Neurononfire.SupremeDuelist
Publisher Neron'S Brother
Category Action
Version 2.8.2
Size 40M
Requires Android 4.4 and up
MOD Features Skins Unlocked
About Supreme Duelist StickmanUntil now, the Stickman series has always garnered high marks with gamers for simplicity in ...
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About Supreme Duelist Stickman

Until now, the Stickman series has always garnered high marks with gamers for simplicity in both gameplay and aesthetics, creating a sense of closeness to anybody. Stickman not only succeeds in games, but also in animation, with easy-to-understand emotions and messages. In reality, several goods in this genre have received a lot of attention in the entertainment industry. Stickman Legends and Mr Bow are two well-known games in the gaming industry.

Based on that, I’d like to present you to Supreme Duelist Stickman, a brand-new stickman-style game by Neron’s Brother. This game, which was released in early 2019, has garnered a lot of favourable comments and over one million downloads on Google Play.


If you’ve played Shadow Fight 2, you’ll recognise the similarities between this game and Supreme Duelist Stickman. Essentially, you will be pitted against an opponent in a duel. A 1v1 combat is held with a simple game rule: kill him or push him off the ring, and you win. This game, however, operates differently from Shadow Fight or any other fighting game you may be familiar with.
In this game, each player is given a random weapon that is comparable to your opponent’s. The particular controller, on the other hand, is what distinguishes the game. Supreme Duelist Stickman will eliminate all buttons for striking, leaping, magic, and so on, instead combining the game’s two major actions into a single virtual key. You may move the character and aim the weapon in any direction by dragging the virtual button to all sides.

Depending on the weapon you acquire, you must poke or push the adversary with enough force to send them flying off the field. Furthermore, each weapon will have a unique purpose and use. Explore them all!

Characters come from multi-universe

You may customise your look before fighting in Supreme Duelist Stickman. There are a lot of skins, and many characters from many games and movies will congregate here. Naruto, Luffy, Santa Claus, and a slew of more characters await your discovery.
This looks a lot like the weapon in this game. When you join Supreme Duelist Stickman, you may come across some really unusual weapons, like as Thanos’ Infinity gloves or Captain America’s Vibranium shield. They vary not just in terms of quantity, but also in terms of use and particular purposes. The unique ability of each weapon is activated by a few little steps from moving the virtual button. Using it properly may help you shift the tide of battle.

Many attractive modes

Supreme Duelist Stickman is an offline game, and no signal will improve the online feature, but it still has a variety of modes to keep players entertained.

To begin, a one-player option will place you in a 1v1 arena with the AI. You have the option of selecting weaponry, creating looks for both you and the AI, or leaving them at random. In this mode, the rules were similar to those of an endless runner, i.e. battling until you grow bored and return to Home. Furthermore, the machine has several difficulty levels dependent on your skill level. The lowest level is 1 and the most difficult is 9.

Then there’s the two-player mode. In this mode, the game enables you to connect to your buddy through Bluetooth or WiFi. The rules are identical to the first mode, however you will be fighting against actual players rather than AI.

Finally, Survival mode is an intriguing challenge. When playing in this mode, participants will be placed on customised maps built particularly for this format. A swarm of AI will assault you; your goal is to fight as many foes as possible while earning the most points before being defeated. Players may ask extra friends to join them in the game.

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