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Introduce about SuperLingoYou are invited to participate in the well-designed English and Chinese courses.Suitable for any purposeMy sister once asked me to locate an English l...
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Introduce about SuperLingo

You are invited to participate in the well-designed English and Chinese courses.

Suitable for any purpose

My sister once asked me to locate an English learning software for her that met a few criteria: it had to be free, simple to use, popular, and capable of teaching her four skills (reading, speaking, listening, writing). As a result, I spent the entire day hunting for an app that would be suitable for her. There were a plethora of English learning apps on the phone at the time, but finding something that fit all of the “indications” above was not easy, guys. Many excellent apps were not available for free. You could only use it for free for 1-2 days before having to pay millions. What was offered for free included a lot of advertisements that would keep you from learning. Furthermore, some simply focused on grammar or listening abilities. When I discovered SuperLingo, everything was finally taken care of.

What is SuperLingo?

Many individuals today rely on SuperLingo as a language learning application. It was created by a team with more than 20 years of teaching experience and a variety of cutting-edge technologies, including a proprietary AI algorithm, according to the manufacturer. As a user, my sister and I give it a 10 out of ten for ease and assistance.

Specialize in English and Chinese

There are apps for learning up to twenty foreign languages in many of the foreign language learning apps I’ve found for my sister, but each one is not focused. SuperLingo is unique. “Quality matters more than quantity,” as SuperLingo’s motto clearly states. English and Chinese are the two most specialized languages on SuperLingo. I’ll use the learning programs as an example to demonstrate the breadth and variety of each language taught in SuperLingo. For each level, everything is designed very clearly, carefully, and in detail. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user, SuperLingo offers a variety of challenging challenges, tutorials, and exercises.

Each learning level in SuperLingo will include the following aspects

  • Topic-based lessons. Each word is placed in its proper context so that you can grasp it quickly. This app can also help you differentiate between synonyms like Tall and High, Sorry and Apologize…
  • Each lesson is accompanied by an illustrated guide. Listen to the correct pronunciation and watch cute animations in this video. It was extremely difficult to learn English and watch videos at the time. We now have video lessons segmented by lesson. It’s incredibly satisfying!
  • In the same lesson, combine four skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing). Sentences with grammatical explanations will be repeated several times in order to learn Writing, while videos and standard pronunciation will be used to learn Reading and Speaking. Allow the AI to listen to it and evaluate it if you wish to double-check your pronunciation.
  • On each of the four competencies, there are proficiency examinations matching to each completed lesson.
  • All of the pronunciation and voiceover in SuperLingo’s videos, lessons, and audio sections are clearly recorded by native speakers.
  • SuperLingo will contain TV program excerpts, movie excerpts, and mindmaps to help learners grasp the concepts surrounding a new vocabulary and understand it better, in addition to tremendous support for learning new vocabulary.
  • Both the CEFR and the GSE systems are used to properly systematize the grammar portions. Thanks to the availability of different situations to highlight the difference when utilizing special tenses and phrases, I find learning grammar on SuperLingo pretty easy to remember and grasp.
  • Following the major courses, you can practice and consolidate your knowledge using up to seventeen practice modes and one hundred various combinations of exercises.

If your internet connection is slow, you can download classes to study offline. Even better, those who are lazy, like my sister, will love this feature: each lesson is designed to be as brief as possible. The more you study, the faster you will learn, the shorter your path to accomplishment will be, and the greater your sense of enjoyment will be. You can also use Duolingo to learn a language.

You can also try other applications like AutoResponder for WhatsApp, Planner 5D, and Google.

MOD APK version of SuperLingo

MOD feature

Subscription Plus

Download SuperLingo MOD APK for Android

In short, you should use SuperLingo if you wish to learn English and Chinese in a systematic manner, from beginner to advanced, and enhance four abilities. Wishing you the best of luck with your foreign language studies!

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