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Name Super Charging Pro
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Version 5.14.85
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Requires Android 4.1
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Introduce about Super Charging ProIncrease the speed with which Android phones and tablets charge their batteries.Why need to boost battery charging speed?Long-term use of mobi...
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Introduce about Super Charging Pro

Increase the speed with which Android phones and tablets charge their batteries.

Why need to boost battery charging speed?

Long-term use of mobile devices and tablets causes the battery to take longer to charge and discharge. If it just takes a few dozen minutes to an hour to fully charge the battery from the lowest level at first, but your phone grows worse over time and takes a long time to charge, it’s time to replace it. This is for a variety of reasons. The following five reasons, however, are the most common: USB cable for charging Mobile devices can be charged using a cable that is specific to the device’s model. If you don’t use the original charging cable and instead buy cheap floating items from unknown sources, or if you use used charging cables, they’re both dangerous and won’t charge rapidly enough. Bent, twisted, coiled, and dangled from the outlet to the heavy equipment below… Does this ring true to you? Everyone has undoubtedly made one of these seemingly minor yet significant errors.

As a result of these actions, the charging cable will quickly deteriorate. Even if it’s a legitimate cable, if it’s like this, the microscopic wires and cores within will be easily broken. Because there is a plastic coating on the exterior, you may not be able to see it, but the inside is frequently dissolved. When there aren’t enough cores or little wires within, the power can’t transmit as well or as quickly as it used to, resulting in lengthier charging times. The charging station is in an inconvenient location. Have you observed that charging your mobile device with a separate charging connection and charging it straight from the mains is faster than charging it with a USB cable from a PC or laptop? Your computer is working on a number of projects at the same time. The fact that it distributes some of the electricity to mobile phones and tablets has an impact on both the total amount of power and the pace with which it is transferred.

Longer battery charging is the result of this. For your device, use a charger from a different manufacturer. For the current and power specifications of its equipment, each firm has its own standards. It is not a good idea to use a charger from one brand for a phone or tablet from another company, regardless of whether they have the same mini-port or not. Not to mention that the battery is prone to bottlenecking as a result of the insufficient current and transfer technique. At the same time, you may charge your smartphone and use it. This is the number one bad phone and tablet habit you should break immediately. It is both hazardous and detrimental to the charging process of the battery. Because the phone does not have time to rest and recharge, a lengthy charging time is understandable. Except for the fifth cause, which must be eliminated immediately due to its extreme threat, the remaining reasons can still be utilized as a tool to speed up the charging process a bit more if they are caused by force majeure. It’s only a smidgeon, but it’s enough to make a difference. Super Charging Pro is an app that helps you charge your phone more quickly.

What features does Super Charging Pro have?

Super Charging Pro is a software that improves the charging of smartphones and tablets automatically. Even if you’re experiencing one of the first four issues listed above, it can help you charge the battery faster. By integrating the following capabilities, Super Charging Pro is able to optimize battery charging: All of these features may appear to be excessively complex at first, but they become necessary when the device’s charging time becomes a concern. Especially if you need to figure out what’s causing your device’s battery to charge slowly.

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MOD APK version of Super Charging Pro

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Download Super Charging Pro APK & MOD for Android

To summarize, if you want to boost charging speed, determine the cause of inefficient charging, and determine whether the cable is truly good, adequate, or not, you will most likely require Super Charging Pro. This program is simple to use and has a short UI that won’t take up much of your time. In exchange, there is a long-term effect.

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