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Stumble Guys

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Name Stumble Guys
Updated On
Package com.kitkagames.fallbuddies
Publisher Kitka Games
Category Action
Version 0.37
Size 99M
Requires Android 5.1
MOD Features Skins Unlocked
Introduce about Stumble GuysThe debut title from Kitka Games' publisher is Stumble Guys. Despite their lack of notoriety and lack of prior product release, this game quickly gained popularit...
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Introduce about Stumble Guys

The debut title from Kitka Games’ publisher is Stumble Guys. Despite their lack of notoriety and lack of prior product release, this game quickly gained popularity and was adored by all players due to its novel gameplay. Stumble Guys goes beyond that by enabling connectivity, enabling everyone to play with their pals. Installing this game on your Android device can help you to pass the dull weekend hours.

Funny gameplay

Stumble Guys doesn’t have a narrative or any unique stuff. The objective of every match is to cross the finish line, and the gameplay is highly open-ended. Overall, it resembles a racing video game quite a bit. Players who haven’t finished the race are disqualified and declared losers after a certain number of winners. The Stumble Guys had 16 winners in the 32-man competition. Less awards and no rank accumulation points will be given to the 16 players who are still playing. Fall Dudes 3D and this game play pretty similarly. If you want to have a different experience, you can download it.

The competition is fierce

The competition is fiercer than ever in a contest with up to 32 players. Although fighting or playing poorly on the opponent are not involved, there are several traps on the map that can trap players. The player receives the starting line in the event of an accident. The contest continued until 16 competitors had finished. According to my personal experience, players should move cautiously. cautiously and slowly. Stumble Guys are solely concerned in your ability to complete the race. In this case, there is no winner or runner-up. In order to join the gaming system’s gold board, you can also use it to assist you accrue ranking points.

Overcome the most difficult challenges

Stumble Guys’ map system is diverse. Each map represents a specific obstacle you will encounter. If the player is not quick and alert enough, they can easily be sent back to the beginning point by the dangerously placed obstacles and traps. The maps in this game are really good. The map will be chosen at random by the system before the race even begins. To keep gamers from getting bored, the interior elements are constantly refreshed. The circuit is currently more entertaining than ever because incidents are frequently occurring. In actuality, there aren’t many players that enter the race just once and win it. Most of the hurried individuals get knocked to the ground by a snowball, are injured by the camera, or slip on the icy slope.

Customize your character

Stumble Guys’ character system is incredibly adorable even though it isn’t as finely made or as realistic as 3D games. For a more distinctive appearance, players can also alter their looks. A young man with a painted hat and matching T-shirt is the default character. He looks rather unassuming, and you want him to look more distinctive? To replace the worn-out hat, you can purchase a new hairstyle. Put on a suit or an outfit inspired by hip-hop instead of your casual attire. Additionally, Stumble Guys offers a collection of intriguing skins that let you change into a cop, cowboy, or even a witch.

MOD APK version of Stumble Guys

MOD feature

All of the game’s skins have been unlocked. You are free to pick and play. You can also try other applications like Bus Simulator: Ultimate, My Success Story, and LIMBO.

Download Stumble Guys APK & MOD for Android

Even though Kitka Games is not a well-known publisher, if they keep up the momentum and continue to create high-quality goods like Stumble Guys, they will eventually have a sizable fan base. The gameplay in Stumble Guys is fascinating. You can use this game as a leisure activity in your free time. However, if you want to avoid unfairly losing when playing online, you must have a reliable internet connection.

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