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App Name Strix
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Size 7.86MB
Latest Version 19.0
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Update September 9, 2021

What is the best way to spend your time? Obviously, if it isn’t with watching TV shows and movies, then you are lost. There is no better way to spend your time than to watch the stories of countless different programs unfold before your very eyes. And you can do that when you download Strix for Android.

Strix Features
There are many different features that make this app much more of an option, compared to its competitors. Although, you may want to have various video streaming apps in your library, Strix is definitely in the top percentage of them.

For one, it’s obviously a free service available on your device. But, that’s not all. Continue reading to see all of the different benefits and characteristics included when you decide to pick this specific service over others…

Quick and easy to be downloaded straight onto any of your chosen devices.
Strix is cross-platform compatible. There are many different devices and platforms that can access the streaming app without any effort at all.
There are also a multitude of different media players that can be played alongside the app.
Additionally, there is the option to download videos directly to your device for offline streaming. Watch whatever you want, where ever you want, without the need for an internet connection.
There are also tons of different video definitions to switch between. Internet quality may be an issue to some users of the application. For that very reason, you can always change the pixel count of your videos from as little as 360p and up to 1080p HD quality.
Strix User Interface
The user interface presented in Strix is surprisingly simple to use. As such, users of all ages groups can happily enjoy the application without any issues.

All genres are labeled and displayed for easy searching. There are also different menu options for users to access at any time. So, young or old, man, woman, or even a dog; no matter the demographics, there is no limit to how the accessibility presented by this application.

Taking Security Measures
Due to Strix being a streaming service which connects you with other hosts and add on video players, security may be an issue. For this exact reason, we recommend taking a few extra security measures, in order to stay safe. It’s very easy for users to intrude into your information. However, it is just as easy to keep yourself safe from such an attack.

By using a VPN, you can keep yourself safe by changing the IP address of your phone. What this does is divert your location, making your device nearly untraceable to others. Voila, attackers are kept at bay and out of reach from your device. Likewise, you won’t face any legal issues when deciding to stream licensed content.

Accessing Strix APK
In order to access Strix APK on your device, you will need an access code and PIN number to proceed.

First, you will need to locate and install the APK file. Some devices will need you to allow Unknown Sources to your device to continue. You can allow this option from the Settings.

Once the file has successfully been downloaded and installed to your device, there will be a prompt to add the access code and PIN.

The code is: 229156While the PIN is: 1111

And there you have it! You have instant access to the video streaming service.

In the end, if you want to find the right streaming service during these times of pandemic, Strix APK is one of those answers. You’ll be able to enjoy countless moments of binge watching and streaming your favorite television and movie series.

Remember, as long as you also install a VPN alongside the APK, you won’t have any issues with security. You’ll be able to safely and confidently watch any of your preferred shows and movies straight from your Android mobile, or even your TV.

With that being said, go ahead and get the Strix APK download now.