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Introduce about StravaSwimming, cycling, and track runningHow to stay fit and healthy during this sensitive time?There are many different types of exercise. However, at this criti...
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Introduce about Strava

Swimming, cycling, and track running

How to stay fit and healthy during this sensitive time?

There are many different types of exercise. However, at this critical period of the covid epidemic, highly self-directed activities such as jogging, walking, cycling, and so on become particularly appropriate. These subjects all have the same characteristics: they can be done at any time, are appropriate for people of all ages and genders, do not require complicated equipment, do not require specific exercise helpers, and, most significantly, do not necessitate interpersonal communication. However, effective self-control and self-motivation are two of the most difficult aspects of various sorts of self-exercise. Everything would be easier if someone pushed or trained you to workout. But you’ll have to do it on your own here. At this point, I believe there is no better or more convenient way than to use a specialized program in this field. Strava is a fitness tracking program that allows you to keep track of your favorite workouts, map out a scientific route, and set goals for yourself. It helps the practitioner understand the effectiveness of each sort of sport on a day-by-day, week-by-week, month-by-month basis, and gives them greater drive to succeed. This app does a great job with all of these through the smartphone screen.

Strava motivates differently from other measurement apps

I used to go for a jog every morning, and to be honest, self-motivation is quite difficult to come by. Installing an app and comparing your mileage to that of other online users does little to improve the situation. Strava, on the other hand, has figured out a good way to obtain your self-motivation. It’s the process of going from self-awareness to excitement when realizing changes, then recording the practitioner’s walking/running routes with efficiency indicators like percent increase over previous time and calories consumed, then creating a plan as a roadmap for users, and finally creating challenges between users in the same system. Strava has made the essential steps for you to “grow beyond yourself” first and come to competition later, rather than being rushed like other applications (moving directly from measuring kilometers of running to comparing with other practitioners). The intermediate elements enliven the training process by encouraging the practitioner to focus first on their own results, then on whether or not they can compete with others.

The effect of each feature in Strava

The first is the capacity to monitor and evaluate the exercise procedure’ effectiveness: Strava will track your distance while jogging, walking, or cycling using GPS positioning, allowing you to compare it to your past practice and provide suitable praise or reminders. Pace, speed, total distance, altitude, and performance over time are the comparison criteria. Following the route mapping feature, it will keep track of all the journeys you’ve completed and recommend new routes based on the practitioner’s physical progress. Strava also has the unique capability of allowing the intended and planned route to be for just one sort of sport or a combination of two or three. For example, on weekends, you frequently videotape yourself going swimming at 2-3 p.m.; on other days, you simply go for an early morning jog before heading to work. After a week of using Strava to measure your fitness progress, the app will automatically recommend a new route that fits your work and workout schedule. For example, four mornings a week will be dedicated to jogging, with the remaining three mornings dedicated to jogging from house to the pool, swimming for 30 minutes, and then jogging back home. You go running in the morning and swimming in the afternoon on weekends… And you keep track of your progress, which Strava uses to suggest new routes and schedules. The final major feature is the ability to re-energise oneself by comparing your performance to that of other users. Strava can pinpoint and display the running stats of public users in the same geographic area. It’s as if you can see the nearest grab cars to your location. You can also decide whether or not you want to engage in such competitive exhibitions. Believe me, when you see where you rank on the list, this is a great way to boost your self-motivation.

What types of sports does Strava use to measure performance?

That’s quite a lengthy list. Don’t mistake Strava for a simple activity tracker; it encompasses a wide range of activities, including the most unusual. Swimming, hiking, marathon running, indoor running, cycling, climbing, Yoga, and other hobbies are popular among the general public. Strava’s full effects are still visible at higher levels, such as in Alpine skiing, Crossfit, canoeing, and surfing… Strava integrates nicely with popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, so you can take advantage of the capabilities stated above and post your training schedule, route, and results on these platforms. It will be really joyful if you meet like-minded people or pals who are far away and use the same app or even compete in the same competition with you.

You can also try other applications like Calm Sleep, Lumosity, and ReadEra Premium.

MOD APK version of Strava

MOD features

The following Subscription features are now available:

  • Sections, routes, and stored maps
  • Saved routes and beacons are recorded.

Download Strava MOD APK for Android

Strava is a terrific program with a basic, easy-to-use layout, simple-to-understand stats, and excellent motivational features. If you want to keep in shape at home this holiday season, I highly recommend Strava.

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