Storyngton Hall: Design games

Storyngton Hall: Design games

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Name Storyngton Hall: Design games
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Package games.bit.storyngtonhall
Category Puzzle
Version 52.2.0
Size 187M
Requires Android 4.4 and up
MOD Features Unlimited Stars
Introduce about Storyngton HallThrough gorgeous match-3 sceneries, renovate the home and discover your own bliss.Th...
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Introduce about Storyngton Hall

Through gorgeous match-3 sceneries, renovate the home and discover your own bliss.

The fairy tale you didn’t expect to witness while playing a match-3 game

A puddle and a swath of dried leaves blocked the path just outside the door. That is also the family’s primary responsibility. Along with this activity, a basic match-3 scenario will occur; if you finish it with enough heart points, you will obtain a dry branch leaf removal tool. The first mission was accomplished.

Soon after, a new figure came, a woman who introduced herself as Lady Regina Wroth. The Greens were irritated by Lady Wroth’s harsh statements. This wealthy but vicious lady is also the story’s antagonist, capable of interfering with any of your plans and willing to go to any length to obstruct the renovation of the Green family’s house.


Following the talk, the whole family (with the addition of a butler, Joe, who had just come) entered the estate and was once again astonished by the dreadful amount of the home’s clutter, or rather an abandoned mansion.


Each assignment emerges one at a time, followed with a match-3 scenario, with the difficulty level steadily rising. Your last goal is to assist the Green family in restoring and decorating the whole home so that it resembles the former nobility.

What’s new in match-3 puzzles?

The game’s match-3 levels have the unique characteristic of each level having a varied difficulty and requiring the appropriate amount of steps to solve. And these match-3 requests will provide you with item needed to accomplish anything in the game, whether it’s cleaning, searching, sorting, or purchasing and remodelling the home.

Storyngton Hall not only provides entertainment but also a unique experience. Because of the princess-princess-style clothing and shape, you will notice the careful integration of the basic match-3 format with a gorgeous, fairy-tale scenario. Each development has logic, follows a certain narrative, and many new individuals arise on a regular basis throughout the game.

But the thrills don’t end there. Storyngton Hall may also be used as a home decorating game. Specifically, when cleaning up the mansion’s clutter, there will be various nooks and corners in the home that are always opened. And they all need your assistance, first to improve the surroundings, then to remodel the inside. Completing the corresponding match-3 tasks will provide you with the decorations needed to display in each room. The ultimate objective is to restore the whole home to its previous condition of luxury, neatness, and civility.

Small but meaningful things for players

You will first feel as though you are a part of this magical tale. Every person at Storyngton Hall has a backstory and a dream. You will have additional opportunities to engage with each individual as you complete the major goal of rebuilding this vast abandoned estate, including the three main members of the Green family and the supporting characters. As a result, each person’s narrative, emotions, and unfulfilled desires are better understood. These dreams will eventually come true as time passes and the specifics in the tale are revealed. The finale is a joyful one: the mother finds delight in writing, the father is at peace with his new garden, and the daughter will find her sweet love.

The game also includes a unique tool, which I’ll refer to as Jane’s Diary for the time being. It contains all of the biographies of new characters, including their relationships with family members, unique personality traits, and so on. This journal is also a place to keep track of the tasks that must be finished and done. It has the impact of listing to assist players in having a better work system as well as a milestone to produce more incentive in the future.

Graphics and sound

The 3D visuals in Storyngton Hall are clear, detailed, and very realistic. Despite the fact that it is merely a match-3 game, the manufacturer’s interest in this game is clear from the initial narrative moments. Each character has a distinct form, stride, posture, and attire. It’s as though they’re there in front of your eyes. It’s not simple to accomplish this in such a lovely environment as a fairy tale. Not to add that every movement of the character as he or she goes through each event is really lifelike and rhythmic. To be honest, after a while of playing, I feel like I’m watching Walt Disney cartoons rather than playing games.

Furthermore, the game includes several minor, charming sound effects that are perfectly recreated outside noises, such as door openers, sighs, character cheering, sweeping sounds, and so on. It’s critical to have fun when playing match-3 and following this amazing adventure from start to finish.

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