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Introduce about StorybeatAdd sound and music to your story with ease.Selfie is an art, and the selfier is an artistYou are free to tell me that I am exaggerating or whatever. Howe...
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Introduce about Storybeat

Add sound and music to your story with ease.

Selfie is an art, and the selfier is an artist

You are free to tell me that I am exaggerating or whatever. However, when viewed in a broader context, I believe selfie has a really good connotation. It enables you to have more energy, to enjoy your life more, to bring all fresh information into your life, and to maintain connections between individuals when geographical circumstances prevent it.
Of course, “artists” are continually innovating and have a lot on their minds. Like you and me, selfie specialists, I am always updating new paths, new trends, and doing everything I can to make the photographs and videos in my tales glitter and deepen as much as possible.
And then there’s the question: the video’s already there, the image’s ready, but there’s something missing: we need some background music or sound. I believe you should have the keyword “Storybeat” in mind if you have this query in mind.

What does Storybeat bring to you?

Storybeat is a basic, straightforward tool for adding music to films and photographs, with surprisingly smooth and refined effects.
The initial draw of Storybeat is its massive music collection, which includes millions of songs by top musicians from all over the world in a variety of genres like pop, rock, rap, trap, techno, R&B, country, and more. This library is updated on a regular basis, so you can find practically any ancient music you want.
The next draw is Storybeat’s martial arts, which are featured in a modest feature set. It’s not only a matter of playing music. Music, sound, speech, and other distinctive noises are all added to photographs and web video by Storybeat.
This implies that, in addition to the music library, you can record your voice to add to the story, or upload a sound from your phone’s library or a sound file from your PC’s application bar. Storybeat is compatible with almost every popular audio file format.

Post-production after adding music and sound

You can also fine-tune the audio you’ve placed after you’ve submitted your photographs and videos. For instance, accelerating, decelerating, fading out, fading in, combining two or more different pieces of music into one, generating transitions between two segments, filtering noise for voice recording, making significant and tiny sound quality adjustments…
Alternatively, using the rhythm in Storybeat, you may make strange video stories using stop motion effects. That is, you can create your video display in stop motion format (like in animation) based on each touch of that tune when employing the songs accessible in the catalog. This is one of my favorite features. It transforms the film into a fashionable new tee.
The producer also boosts horizontal and vertical effects for videos, as well as zooms and enlarges the picture in accordance with the music song. Everything will become even more exciting and dynamic if something exists, like a tiger with wings.

Besides adding music, you can also edit photos and videos with Storybeat

And I just mentioned sound, which is also Storybeat’s primary function. But what about supporting roles? Is there a career out there right now that involves contributing music? Yes, and there are several examples. You don’t need to add it to Storybeat and then go back to another program to edit and alter the clip when using Storybeat. Because this software has the most important tuning features.
Storybeat comes with a large library of built-in effects to assist you in laying up your photographs and videos for social media story functionalities. You may also do it directly on Storybeat if you need to enhance a simple image for a story. Of course, it cannot be compared to the plethora of specialized photo editing features found in simple story editing apps, but Storybeat can completely suit the needs of 80% of users.
When armed with more graceful stickers and frames for future video and photo works, Storybeat’s post-production becomes even more strong. Your Story can be edited with just one touch of a finger. It’s both advantageous and appealing.

You can also try other applications like Stellio, Mojo, and Speechify.

MOD APK version of Storybeat

MOD feature

Pro Unlocked

Download Storybeat MOD APK for Android

So, with just a few simple screen taps, you can create a beautiful Instagram or Facebook Story, complete with images, sound, and effects. All of this must take place within a clean, basic, and easy-to-use software like this one. So, what do you have to lose? Let’s get started by downloading Storybeat.

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