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Name Stormblades
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Package com.kiloo.stormblades
Publisher Kiloo
Category Action
Version 1.5.1
Size 102M
Requires Android 4.1
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Introduce about StormbladesUndoubtedly one of Kilo's most well-known titles is Subway Surfers. Billions of players all across the world embraced it. However, this creator also demonstrates t...
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Introduce about Stormblades

Undoubtedly one of Kilo’s most well-known titles is Subway Surfers. Billions of players all across the world embraced it. However, this creator also demonstrates to everyone that the reputation they have now is due to more than just one auto-runner game and that they have additional titles that offer engaging gameplay. A product of the action genre with innovative gameplay and gripping narratives, Stormblades is a showcase. Are you prepared to discover?


A cross-century adventure where soldiers attempt to complete their task is the plot of Stormblades. This ancient forest is home to mythical Keepers and riches. A warrior will be honored for completing the ritual and creating his history if he can beat these Keepers and conclude the adventurous voyage at the edge of the ancient ruins. Now grab your sword and go out on your trip!


The quest to find the treasure in Stormblades is separated into a number of stages that correlate to the levels you must complete. There are numerous Keepers on each level. They are monster soldiers set up to stop people from penetrating the depths of the ruins to look for treasure. The time has come to demonstrate your worth and strength. A Keepers will block the character’s path when he runs across boulders or narrow waterways. You can strike the adversary with slashes by swiping left, right, up, down, or diagonally in order to take him down. That, however, is not simple. You’re simply a regular person, he’s a warrior who has been around for a thousand years. He has enormous weaponry and armor. In order to harm the monsters, you must shatter their armor while blocking those slashes, which is the main objective of this action game. To stop the attack, you only need to slash in the opposite direction of your opponent. You can occasionally double-tap to move backwards if you are unable to counter such blows. This is quite effective since it allows you more time to prepare for the following assault while also aiding in evasion.

Upgrade your weapons

A warrior cannot be without a weapon. weapons that harm the character and grant them exceptional abilities. These are stronger and more distinct the higher the weapon’s level. For instance, when Brutal Longblade is level3, it enables my character to attack the opponent with a series of slashes without allowing him to respond with a counterattack. The opponent was shocked and unable to rise up as a result of the powerful slash that ended the combo. I was able to attack him several more times as a result of that. Naturally, as you upgrade more, this power will increase, as will the damage done by each slash.


When compared to a smartphone game, Stormblades offers excellent 3D graphics. Each tomb or castle wall that the character travels through is highlighted by the environment, which is gently colored to match the surrounding terrain. You get the impression that you are fighting in a genuine conflict thanks to the viewing angles and graphics. Music stimulates and exhales. You will hear the sound as you maneuver around obstructions or hit anything. You may hear the screams of monsters while you battle them, as well as occasionally the sound of their injuries and the clang of their weapons. You’ll soon fall in love with it; it’s intense but incredibly realistic.

MOD APK version of Stormblades

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Money: In the Stormblades MOD APK version, there is a ton of money that can be used to unlock swords and strengthen them. The ability of each blade grows, unlocking new skills. You are able to harm foes greatly as a result.

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Download Stormblades MOD APK for Android

Are you prepared to take part in the warrior ceremony, engage in battle with the famous Keepers, and recover treasure? The other warriors are prepared to make history and leave their mark. By using the links below to download the game, you should also get started right away.

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