Stickman Revenge: Demon Slayer

Stickman Revenge: Demon Slayer

Bravestars Games

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Name Stickman Revenge: Demon Slayer
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Package com.bravestars.stickman.revenge.epicwar
Publisher Bravestars Games
Category Action
Version 1.0.12
Size 174M
Requires Android 6.0
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Introduce about Stickman Revenge: Demon Slayerthe continuation of the hugely popular Stickman Revenge series! The renowned Shadow of Death author studio produces the Stickman Ninja series on...
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Introduce about Stickman Revenge: Demon Slayer

the continuation of the hugely popular Stickman Revenge series! The renowned Shadow of Death author studio produces the Stickman Ninja series on mobile devices. A tribute to the excellence and depth of Stickman Revenge: Demon Slayer is the fact that the entire series has received more than 40 million downloads to date.


In the gloomy realm of Stickman Revenge: Demon Slayer, demons rule over everything. The scenario may sound similar, but every small detail has been added to this game to give the plot new life. According to legend, monsters suddenly came on earth. They want to subjugate and conquer human civilization, including the ninja clan, which is their darkly ambitious ambition. The most formidable and combative Ninja heroes emerged against the swarms of monsters because they were unable to ignore the issue, yet they all fell short. A new Ninja hero, possessing the power of darkness and strength beyond many previous Ninjas, was born from the wrath and resolve that burned in the hearts of the deceased. The quest to gather courage, face creatures to exact revenge on the deceased, and defend the Shadow Ninja universe starts.


The dramatic Roguelike subgenre and traditional RPG elements are combined in Stickman Revenge. You will be a Shadow Ninja flying through the air, executing dozens of moves and masterful Ninja combinations to eliminate a large number of foes in a world filled with darkness and ruins. Stickman Revenge: Demon Slayer offers simple, intuitive controls with four buttons that directly correspond to each Ninja skill in the game, just like the great shadow combat games you’ve come to know or enjoy. You may help your stickman characters build quick combos by skillfully combining certain buttons. In Stickman Revenge, fighting is a really intense experience. Depending on each player, both in terms of speed call for deft manipulation and a varied fighting style. The enemy is the same, but you can select how you battle as long as you prevail and gain a lot of new abilities. You will gain more new Ninja abilities the longer you live, the longer the protracted battle, and the deeper you go into it. You can select which passive skills to utilize to best fit your fighting style, as is customary in roguelike games. The greater the character’s strength, the greater your possibility of discovering more heroes. Each level has a unique look, set of tools, and level of skill. Only by moving up to Ninja Supreme, the highest level in the game, which includes several powerful Ninja powers, is there a chance of defeating the game’s final boss. Of other words, the goal in this game is for players to reach the Ninja Supreme level. The plot may be impacted by your decisions in fighting and skills. You can decide how your character will end up by deciding whether or not to take on tough creatures, delve into the deep realm of ninja techniques, and open up new avenues. Furthermore, our Stickman Ninja still has a lot of work to do even when the narrative appears to be ended. The story continues as all Bosses are encountered in Boss Raid mode. There will be a PvP feature that will soon be enhanced, promising even more intense conflicts, according to the publisher’s description.

Impressed graphics

Stickman Revenge: Demon Slayer has dramatic combat and action-packed graphics. Shining Ninja moves in front of a shadowy backdrop. The stickman ninja’s fluid and dexterous movement style is only one of the game’s outstanding high-speed gaming sequences. In Stickman Revenge: Demon Slayer, there aren’t a lot of intricate colors or three-dimensional shapes. However, the strong contrast between the color of the background, Stickman Ninja’s moves, and the horrifying shapes of the creatures led to a lot of player enthusiasm. Rarely does a fighting game on smartphones offer animations that are as detailed, dynamic, and fluid.

MOD APK version of Stickman Revenge: Demon Slayer

MOD feature

Unrestricted funds
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In Stickman Revenge: Demon Slayer, everything is shaped, contextualized, controlled, and visually appealing. Let’s immediately download and play this game!

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