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Stickman Master

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Name Stickman Master
Updated On
Package com.unimob.stickman.master.shadow
Publisher Fansipan Limited
Category Action
Version 1.9.2
Size 79M
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Introduce about Stickman MasterWho will prevail in a fight between a zombie and a ninja?A strange inspiration from unimaginable combinationThe gaming industry is full of creative ...
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Introduce about Stickman Master

Who will prevail in a fight between a zombie and a ninja?

A strange inspiration from unimaginable combination

The gaming industry is full of creative ideas. Despite the fact that mining games have been around for a while, everyone wants to achieve more with a fresh, new approach. That inspiration may come from zombies, historical events, ninjas, Vikings, the devil or an angel, or legendary figures. But have you ever played a video game that combined two of the aforementioned sources of inspiration? Dramatic, fascinating confrontations between a stickman hero with obscure Ninja skills and innumerable zombies are featured throughout Stickman Master. You will need to fight numerous challenges, zombies, opponents, and a final boss in order to win them all and take over as the new king of darkness. The scene in front of everyone, in particular, lasts a very long time. Thought to be suffocating with the beautiful battle phase of Ninja methods, the game’s fairly dark and dreary color scheme background turns out to be a ruse. At the start of each stage, you get to pick your stickman ninja. Each character will only be able to use a set amount of ninja techniques, each with unique advantages and disadvantages. There are ninjas who are skilled in long range warfare, others utilize poison, and some require the use of a blade. You get to pick your own character at the start of the game, along with a default weapon. Of course, that is a Ninja sword. You will have the chance to upgrade and select an additional weapon, such as smoke bombs, invisibility talents, or darts, to boost damage and strength as you progress through the tasks.

Stickman Master was born for speed enthusiasts

Additionally, I don’t believe you should ever try Stickman Master if you’re hoping for a slow-moving traditional combat RPG. Because, despite the simplicity of the scene, the people look strange, the enemies are not too difficult to hear, but there are a lot of them. Zombies can suddenly appear from all directions in a scenario and charge at you in obnoxious swarms. And the faster they appeared and the deeper they went, the more fiercely they fought. It’s advised not to try if you can’t handle the pressure of fast-paced games. And so, Stickman Master favors a number of bosses in each major scenario in addition to the “standard” foe, which is a zombie. They launched a vicious onslaught. They caused catastrophic harm. In relation to that, you are aware of how awful the previous boss is. Fortunately, after every scenario and every hurdle in our stickman ninja existence, we receive points or discover stuff. If you collect them all, you will be able to enhance special skills to match their value. It could be a specific ninjutsu that you haven’t yet learned or a piece of armor, gear, or jewelry.

But speed is not everything

You can lose despite fierce blade swings and a perfect mastery posture. The reason is that, in addition to battling, Stickman Master is also a strategic thinker. Before the game, you should prepare by thinking and planning. Out of the available skills, you decide which ones to employ most frequently and how to combine them (don’t forget to combine your skills to inflict significant damage on the enemy). The bonus and energy point system in Stickman is highly adaptable and simple to grasp. After each scene and every challenge, you can earn extra points or gather loot. These things can then be traded for new weapons or upgraded accessories. Additionally, Stickman Legends MOD APK is a spectacular and eye-catching stickman game.

MOD APK version of Stickman Master

MOD features

  • Unrestricted Gold
  • Unrestricted gems
  • Unrestricted Gold
  • Unrestricted gems

How to use?

Even if you don’t have enough, you can still use money to upgrade and purchase.

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Download Stickman Master MOD APK for Android

The brief yet intricate 2D graphics are one of Stickman Master’s most appealing features. The perspective and color palette were both excellently executed by the design team. Even though everyone is simply black, everything looks realistic when put side by side, especially the main character’s presence, which takes center stage despite the fact that everything is just black. Simply said, the game’s theme is: “Speed hurts, but thinking is the quickest path to win.” Let’s get Stickman Master MOD APK right now!

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