Stick War 3

Stick War 3

Max Games Studios

Overview Information

Name Stick War 3
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Package com.maxgames.stickwar3
Publisher Max Games Studios
Category Games
Version 2022.1.272
Size 140M
Requires Android
MOD Features Free Summon, Unlimited Money in battle
Introduce about Stick War 3Play the most entertaining, difficult, and compelling stick figure game! On mobile, there are many games that successfully blend the strategy, fighting, and buildi...
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Introduce about Stick War 3

Play the most entertaining, difficult, and compelling stick figure game! On mobile, there are many games that successfully blend the strategy, fighting, and building genres. Stick War 3 is the hybrid game you should look for if you want entertaining graphics and clever gameplay. Speaking about visuals, Stick War 3’s initial distinguishing feature is its really basic image, backdrop, and characters. So, the character is somewhat similar to this? How do you punt? When you initially play Stick War3, you will be bombarded with these inquiries. However, another aspect is really what makes this game so appealing.

Build your own battle decks

Stick War 3 concentrates on the Lineup while many action games for mobile put a lot of effort into the action scenes or challenges. This gameplay has the advantage of being adaptable to numerous models because it doesn’t need as many contextual components or complicated 3D shapes as action games do. However, it also offers the same energizing sensation as any fighting game. Because you have complete control over the method you choose, how you implement it, and whether the staging process is successful or not. One of the few games that has gone in-depth and completely utilized this special and uncommon lineup element is Stick War 3. Players will be free to use their imagination, experimenting with various fight setups either before or even during the battle. You will set up front and rear, top and bottom, left and right, depending on the number of stickman soldiers at your disposal, to lock the enemy’s hold while simultaneously defending to reduce fatalities. Alternately, you can start fighting in a way that emphasizes pointing your nose at the opposition in order to defeat them swiftly and win the war when the moment is right. You won’t have to worry about negative outcomes or traumatic loss, so you can do whatever you want.

Build a mighty base

Stick War 3 gives players a very nice task in addition to planning and fighting: constructing a base based on the condition of the army. You can use this location to regroup your forces, find and train new soldiers, or enhance your troops’ weaponry should you find yourself in a disadvantageous position during combat. You have more opportunities to change the course of a war the more bases you have.

Stay true to your own fighting style

You will assemble your troops in accordance with arbitrary tactics, set up formations, engage in combat, and construct military outposts as the commander of the Stickman army. The player’s primary objective is split into two styles. One way to win every war is to fight valiantly and constantly fortify the base. When you favor playing in a “peace-loving” manner and favor defense over assault, such is the case. The second approach is “The best form of defense is attack.” The enemy base will be attacked and destroyed as quickly as possible so that they cannot respond. Players who enjoy attacking frequently use this style of play. Each participant has a choice in which style to use. In any case, you must engage in constant combat and demonstrate a variety of combat techniques in order to destroy the adversary in accordance with the game’s rules. Additionally, you receive two skill points for completing each level, which you may use to improve soldiers’ stats and fortify military outposts.

Custom stickman armies

It’s also extremely interesting to talk about the Stickman soldiers in this Stick War 3 game. Six different soldier classes are available in the game: Miner, Swordsman, Soldier, Wizard, Giant, and Archer. Different special skills will be possessed by each kind of troop. You will decide how to set up the squad to attain the greatest result based on the combat style. If they all rush into a conflict to put it swiftly end, the melee soldier goes first, the long-range soldier is in back, and the long-distance soldier is on defense. You are in complete control of the choice. Upgrade the stats of the existing soldiers as you gain new troops with each victory. And your team will have a larger size and be unbeatable. You must always arrange the squad carefully and maintain a balance of forces if there is such a fluctuation in quantity and quality. Every combat in the game becomes entirely new due to this difficulty, where nothing repeats itself in the same way. When soldiers are upgraded, they will also change how they look. Your army will gradually transform from unruly to majestic and glorious, as you watch.

Game mode

Three game styles are available in Stick War3: campaign, tournament, and endless zombies. Play the beginner-friendly campaign mode. The difficulty of the game screens is gradually increased, with clear directions. Additionally, the prizes are more plentiful (2 skill points + diamonds). According to the league table, each player will battle in turn in tournament mode. The champion will ultimately prevail. The fight in the tournament is normally reserved for those of you who are more experienced with the game and is fairly challenging. Also a very distinctive mode is Countless Zombies. The player is limited to a set number of soldiers each night, therefore they must be arranged in the most effective way to combat the growing zombie population.

MOD APK version of Stick War 3

MOD features

  • no-cost summon
  • Battles with unending resources
  • no-cost summon
  • Battles with unending resources

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Download Stick War 3 APK & MOD for Android

If you want to experience the feeling of battling that is both deep and exciting yet always full of drama, Stick War 3 is a fighting strategy game you should play. Let’s immediately download and start playing this game.