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Introduce about STEEZYIt's never been easier or more convenient to learn to dance at home.Dancing is a beautiful, healthy, and dynamic artDancing is one of the creative enterta...
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Introduce about STEEZY

It’s never been easier or more convenient to learn to dance at home.

Dancing is a beautiful, healthy, and dynamic art

Dancing is one of the creative entertainments that has a lot of appeal: it’s excellent for your health, it’s good for endurance training, it keeps you in shape, and it gives players a lot of happy emotions. However, this is a subject that not everyone is able to play or practice. Going to a dancing studio where you can have a teacher and a live dance partner, listen to music, and do exercises every day is great. However, this is still a delicate period. Following the pandemic, the world appears to have transformed. Another option, in my opinion, is to learn to dance at home using an application like STEEZY, which is simple to use and understand.

Suitable for everyone, even newbies

When it comes to practicing/learning by application, one of the most difficult challenges is not knowing if you can keep up or how to practice. Persons assume that these types of applications are only for people who have a basic understanding of the subject or are even experts in the field. There are a lot of apps that are difficult to use like that. However, this is not the case with STEEZY. You can be anyone, at any dance level, even if you’ve never danced before. In STEEZY, you may find the right lesson for you. You don’t have to pay tuition, you don’t have to go to class in person every day (thus eliminating the danger of disease), you don’t have to work as hard to recall the exercises every day, and you don’t have to feel pressured before each course’s tests. Simply download it and get started learning to dance.

From the first dance…

From the very beginning of your dancing lesson, STEEZY will teach you. It teaches you about the dance’s regulations, the head dance, the hip shake, the hand posture, the balance of the shoulders, the space between partners, and the expressions required to get in the groove…. STEEZY will guide you through your initial moves in the most natural and comfortable way possible.

… to the professional dances

You’ll be asked about your expectations and present qualifications as soon as you fill out the application. It will then propose appropriate levels and workouts on its own. Of course, you can re-select based on your preferences (like lower-level exercises to train your body every day, or higher exercises to challenge yourself). These custom designs will assist you in locating the appropriate workouts, steadily improving your skills, and progressing to the next level. TEEZY now includes over 800 classes, with more being added on a weekly basis. Each class is based on a specific dance style and subject. It’s broken down into several levels, ranging from beginner to advanced to professional. You may easily select exercises based on your tastes or let STEEZY suggest appropriate routines for you to follow. Hip-hop, Open Style, K-pop, House, Breaking, Popping, Whacking, Krump, Heels, Jazz Funk are among the dance styles offered in STEEZY.

How is the quality of instruction in STEEZY?

The STEEZY staff of instructors is amazing. They’re all the greatest in the field. Simply saying their names will yield a wealth of information about honors, worldwide initiatives, and competitions in which they take part in a variety of capacities.

Adjust the tempo, zoom in on every movement

STEEZY is also equipped with cutting-edge digital studio equipment. You will be able to watch the dance teacher thanks to the integrated technology. They teach dance from a variety of perspectives, emphasizing each step and nuance. You understand how critical this is. Anyone who has used a home exercise software understands how inconvenient it is to only have one view. For instance, there are occasions when you must integrate multiple body components to generate continuous movements. However, you miss or are unable to make the proper movements due to a lack of perspective. STEEZY’s multi-view technology will help to eliminate this annoyance while also providing other benefits to the learning process. You can also change the class’s tempo, the tempo of each movement, and the amount of loops to ensure you get the most out of the courses. You can save your favorite lessons or a level/style of music that really impresses you to your album and learn it carefully. You may connect your phone to a large TV screen during the learning process to make it easier to learn and follow the dancing moves. This function is included in STEEZY and is quite useful for novices. You may connect, expand the course, and even invite family members to study with you. It’s also extremely great to spread joy and happiness in the family in this way.

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MOD APK version of STEEZY

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Unlocked Premium

Download STEEZY APK & MOD for Android

The program is simple, user-friendly, and extremely useful for learning and practicing dance. To study the best, you may also freely tweak, zoom in, zoom out, and view from any perspective. My buddies, it’s time to learn to dance at home!

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