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State of Survival

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Name State of Survival
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Package com.kingsgroup.sos
Publisher Funplus International
Category Games
Version 1.16.0
Size 152M
Requires Android Network required
MOD Features No Skill CD
About State of SurvivalThe majority of today's top survival games, such Last Day On Earth and Fury Survivor: Pixel Z, are role-playing games. You take on the role of a player in a chaotic en...
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About State of Survival

The majority of today’s top survival games, such Last Day On Earth and Fury Survivor: Pixel Z, are role-playing games. You take on the role of a player in a chaotic environment and search for materials, make weapons, and construct bases to defend both yourself and people around you. Instead of going in that path, this game is a strategy game similar to tower defense games. You assemble a group of gunners, infantry, cannons, and automatic machine guns to fend off the zombie horde.


The game is set in a future in which humanity is dealing with a zombie apocalypse. Every country and culture have been quickly destroyed by this horrible sickness. The troops and the administration all withdrew to underground bases. You and some unfortunate people who must strive to recover life on the ground six months after the virus broke out. Everything is no longer as significant, whether it be money, power, or love. In a world filled with zombies, you must figure out how to survive. A town called NewHope47, which has a number of structures and a hard-working population, offers people a promising location to live after the end of the world. We are seeking a Leader in Civilization who can turn the tide and guide us through the difficulties presented by a zombie plague that has upended and altered society.


You will be in charge of implementing a long-term roadmap to reconstruct human society in a changing environment as the Chief. To advance to the next level of play, you must breach the limits and spread colonies outward. Additionally, you increase the scope of resource production and encourage technical advancements that help State of Survival citizens survive. You are also in charge of planning the daily operations, which include eradicating the undead zombies and defending against bandit attacks. You will command a combined army and be able to coordinate the efforts of numerous classes, such as motorbike riders, snipers, archers, and melee warriors. A courageous dog is a particular member of your task group.


With the assistance of researcher Dr. Yamazaki, you will continue on the big goal of discovering the best treatment for the zombie apocalypse through a long-term and sustainable campaign. It could be necessary for you to personally guide a small squad of first-class fighters known as Heroes while they look for supplies, information, and even trash. These strategies may encounter resistance from surrounding undead, which you must neutralize with defensive structures and traps. The person who is guaranteed to be disease-free, as well as having strategic thinking and a passion for reestablishing civilisation, will be the best choice. You must also be involved, autonomous, and capable of successful communication with other union leaders. Playing State of Survival will allow you to work flexible hours, command from home, and oversee hard-working citizens who are prepared to follow your orders. Additionally, you’ll have access to useful tools for reaching your target audience, including cutting-edge tools like axes and maces, as well as the chance to make history by restoring civilization.

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CD – No Skill

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State of Survival is an all-around innovative and appealing survival game. The game encourages humankind’s intelligence and camaraderie. Even the smallest amount of hope may be conquered when we are strong and unified. All future leaders, press the Receive button right away. You’re about to land a fantastic job!

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