Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack

Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack

Onesoft Global Pte. Ltd.

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Name Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack
Updated On
Publisher Onesoft Global Pte. Ltd.
Category Action
Version 1.596
Size 123M
Requires Android 4.4
MOD Features Unlimited Gems
About Space Shooter: Galaxy AttackThe Universe, often known as Earth's outer space, is a region that everyone finds fascinating and is home to a great number of mysteries. This subject has e...
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About Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack

The Universe, often known as Earth’s outer space, is a region that everyone finds fascinating and is home to a great number of mysteries. This subject has earned a lot of affection from the community despite being frequently abused in movies and video games. I’ll now introduce you to a game that is likewise set in outer space. Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack is the title. Onesoft is the well-known publisher that I previously mentioned in Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter. Onesoft is the maker of Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack. The gameplay of these games is similar to a space shooter. You will learn there that aliens are real and that they are attempting to conquer our planet. a well-known theme in fiction films, yes?

Guardians of the galaxy

On a bright day, the sky appears green and clear, but who knows that a fleet of extraterrestrial creatures is en route to invade Earth behind the gorgeous white cloud. The squadrons NASA sent to stop them were decimated by them. Only you, the final Earthling hero, is tasked with keeping aliens out of the Galaxy. You hold the power to determine the fate of every living thing on Earth. Are you aware of what to do?

Battles in space

You enter the bloody cosmic fight in Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack. The location where you and a large group of hostile foes are alone in the spaceship. You must pilot the spacecraft alone in the absence of teammates, pointing the muzzle towards the foe to obliterate them. Not only that, but your adversaries are cutting-edge spacecraft that can attack you back and are difficult to destroy. The work is getting steadily more difficult than before! The classic game Chicken Invaders’ gameplay is mirrored in Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack. You are given a space battleship to use right away to take on a horde of adversaries. But unlike the last game, this one has a very intriguing power upgrade system that changes based on how the player performs. Upgrade your spacecraft and take on your foes.

Enemies and Bosses

In contrast to the simple foes in the first stage, Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack places you in a system full of aliens and warships. It includes dozens of new spaceships with a variety of uses. Bosses in particular possess the most strength and use cutting-edge equipment. In Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack, similar to Chicken Invader, your goal is to save the galaxy from evildoers. Along with its enigmatic beauty, each planet presents you with a unique set of terrifying foes as well. They are prepared to destroy everything with their vast fleet of deadly modern spacecraft, which are equipped with guns, laser bombs, and other lethal weaponry. The number of bullets fired is rising and dealing exceptionally high damage, especially to bosses. So, in addition to fast eliminating them, you also need to pay care to avoid getting hit by missiles, lasers, and bullets. You cannot falter since you are the planet’s only hope for survival at this point in time.


Your combat spaceship has a significant role in your strength. Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack includes more advanced spaceships than a typical spaceship, allowing you to take on more potent foes. Additionally, you can manually add more cannons or nuclear missiles to your spacecraft. The power of the spacecraft is complete and prepared; all it needs is your command and combat to establish world peace.


The graphics of Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack are one of its remarkable features. Each of your matches is like a blockbuster movie with fantastic lighting and amazing effects thanks to the attentive image quality. There are countless vessels and enormous missiles prepared to join the “space war party.” Believe me! You won’t be able to look away from your phone for even a little moment thanks to the game.

MOD APK version of Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack

MOD features

  • Unrestricted gems
  • Unrestricted gems


Gems do not get smaller.
You can also try other applications like Ninja’s Creed, Casting Away, and Idle Mafia.

Download Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack MOD APK for Android

Publisher Onesoft has established its status as a maker of compelling space fighting games with Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter and Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack. That serves as another evidence of the appeal of space war games. Why hold out any longer? To stop the alien invasion, join the fight right away.

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