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Name Sonic Forces
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Package com.sega.sprint
Publisher Sega
Category Adventure
Version 4.4.1
Size 171M
Requires Android 4.4
MOD Features God Mode, Speed Up, No Ads
Introduce about Sonic ForcesBattle & Racing Multiplayer GameSonic Forces has a colorful and unique cast of charactersSonic Forces allows players to race at the speed of light,...
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Introduce about Sonic Forces

Battle & Racing Multiplayer Game

Sonic Forces has a colorful and unique cast of characters

Sonic Forces allows players to race at the speed of light, as the name suggests. Every track has its own “personality,” and how you run will demonstrate your prowess and creativity. You can select your incarnation character before starting the game. It’s everything Sonic with the cape and the speed king appearance, but you can choose to be Sonic the Dog, the Hedgehog, Cat, Bird, or Rabbit. Each Sonic species will have a rather dominant edge over other pals, according to a brief notice. For instance, Rabbit runs the smoothest and fastest, whereas Bird can jump over obstacles quite high. Before making a decision, you can touch each character to get a thorough description.

Join the “bloody” race with simple gameplay but the fighting ability is extremely high

Once the race has begun, you are free to move about whatever you like (save for stopping) and can run into other competitors, jump over barriers, and use weapons you’ve found along the route to fight off foes like mines and lightning or fireballs or tornadoes. The gameplay is really basic. To control the character from left to right to avoid obstacles and click to select a weapon to kill the foe, you simply need to touch the screen. The algorithm will then take care of aiming and maintaining Sonic’s running pace, so don’t worry about that. You will have a significant amount of accumulated points after each scene you pass. You can upgrade your Sonic by equipping battle accessories, switching your weapons, and speeding up skills with this rising score. As long as you keep playing, you will continue to earn points. Nevertheless, more beautiful scenes appear in front of your eyes the more points you get. You are free to wander without ever worrying that there won’t be anything new to learn. One of the most appealing PvP adventure racing games available for mobile devices right now is Sonic Forces. Your desire to triumph will be driven to its utmost by the sense of competition with other Sonic racers who also possess super speed and heavenly abilities. You won’t be the only one who aspires to be among the game’s elite rankings, I’m sure of it. Every cell in your body that wants to win will be consumed by the game. You will play with at least one other player in this captivating multiplayer mode. The winner will be the one who crosses the finish line first.

Remember that just being fast is not enough

In the game, it’s not acceptable to just be quick. To cross the finish line without breaking even a little bit on yourself, you also need talent and inventiveness. The obstacles are unclear, and the track is winding. They come in many sizes, colors, and shapes. In other games, you can spot them right away and avoid them. But at this point, you must keep in mind that you are playing the video game S.o.n.i.c., in which all of the characters move at lightning-fast speeds. Playing in such perplexing circumstances can occasionally prevent you from seeing either yourself or the barriers in your path. I continue to gripe that the game seems fun to play but is actually bad for the brain. Your Sonic character must constantly gather gold rings to extend his life in addition to rushing to the finish line because obstacles can lead him to pass out at any point. Anyway, as I said earlier, just a second.

Graphics and sound in Sonic Forces

This racing game has outstanding 3D visuals. The creation and self-design of characters is a feature that is well-liked by the public on the original edition for PC and consoles. The standard shape and the diversity of the major characters also give the game fresh life in the mobile edition, despite the lack of an attractive set of assembly elements to give each character their own individuality in this way. The game’s Sonic buddies are adorable, distinct, and gorgeously colored. The adorable Sonic the Hedgehog is my fave. Of course, the appealing combination in the game must be mentioned as well: Sonic Forces features stunning and epic 3D perspective and explosive effects. The play’s setting is varied, with lots of lovely angles and hues. You may travel through a strange forest, a conservation area in the sky, or a roller coaster that is moving in all directions. The ambient music has a strong sense of exploration. The sound of a set of skill effects, as well as the sounds that occur when you receive a gold ring, accelerate, or are shot at, are all realistic and distinct, which enables you to have the best gaming experience ever.

MOD APK version of Sonic Forces

MOD features

  • Deity Mode
  • Speed up
  • No Ads
  • Beginning With 100 Rings
  • Deity Mode
  • Speed up
  • No Ads
  • Beginning With 100 Rings

To enable or disable the MOD features, use MENU. You can also try other applications like Survival on Raft,  Plants vs. Zombies 2, and Summoner’s Greed.

Download Sonic Forces MOD APK for Android

You cannot overlook a speed game like Sonic Forces if you’ve read the Sonic books and fell in love with the super-fast and adorable characters in the series—especially now that it is available for purchase on mobile devices. Why are you holding out? Play Sonic Forces by downloading it from this page!

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