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Name Solid Explorer
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Version 2.8.19
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Requires Android 4.4
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Introduce about Solid ExplorerOn a mobile device, scientific and exact file management is possible. There are a lot of data, apps, and photographs on your phone. Everything is strewn over y...
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Introduce about Solid Explorer

On a mobile device, scientific and exact file management is possible. There are a lot of data, apps, and photographs on your phone. Everything is strewn over your phone, and you can’t always find what you’re looking for. It’s time to get a smartphone app to help you manage folders and files so you can keep everything organized, logically, and securely with improved backups. Solid Explorer is a good option if you’re looking for something similar.

What is Solid Explorer?

This is a mobile file management app that uses advanced encryption technology to help protect information on the device. You can also use this program to back up your apps and data files to the cloud or NAS storage so that you may restore them to your smartphone at any time.

How does Solid Explorer organize information files?

For starters, the software would allow users to view files stored on their mobile devices. Then, based on file creation time, major content, file type, and other factors, it will automatically classify them into collections. You can browse, delete, move, rename, backup, and share any files on your device after grouping them. Solid Explorer’s common layout also makes it easier to identify and filter files for inspection. Yes, we all know that finding those files that are properly labeled by category is easier than before. The software also supports network protocols, allowing cloud storage providers to give customers remote access to numerous file locations. It is thus simple to go back and forth between different positions using this remote control. It’s quite convenient!

Security for files, even in transit

You can keep your files private and confidential using the current AES encryption technology incorporated into Solid Explorer. You can use this Security feature to keep crucial files linked to work or personal use in a safe library where other apps cannot view the information. This application will display the message ‘Requires confirmation of password or fingerprint you have set up earlier’ whenever someone tries to access your AES encryption by some trickery. Even if Solid Explorer is uninstalled, the files remain on the same device and are still protected as if Solid Explorer was installed. Although the security of such apps is not unusual, this is the first time I’ve encountered one that protects users even after they’ve uninstalled it.

You can also try other applications like WPS Office, Pure Tuber, and VCUT Pro.

Solid Explorer for memory analysis

Of course, memory analysis isn’t Solid Explorer’s strong suit as a mobile file manager, but there are a few noteworthy and similar little functions. For instance, you may determine which file is taking up a lot of space and move it to a different storage folder to guarantee that the device runs smoothly. You can also see how much space each folder takes up in terms of percentage. The software cautions you about waste in folders with a lot of people in them. You can then devise a strategy to improve your suitability. Solid Explorer’s detailed characteristics are summarized as follows:

  • “Main memory, SD card, USB OTG” file management
  • Connect to Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, Owncloud, SugarSync, MediaFire, Yandex, and Mega with ease.
  • SFTP, SMB (Samba), and WebDav are among the key network protocols supported by NAS.
  • Password and fingerprint protection for private files and crucial information
  • Many various file formats should be compatible, archived, and supported, including ZIP, 7ZIP, RAR, and TAR.
  • If your smartphone is rooted, “Root Explorer” browses system files.
  • “Memory analyzer” controls files/apps on your smartphone that are using up too much space.
  • Organize and manage files based on a variety of criteria, including recent downloads, images organized by year, movies of the same subject, music by the same artist, and work-related documents and applications.

MOD APK version of Solid Explorer

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Solid Explorer is a file management tool for mobile devices that does everything. It makes it easier to keep your devices organized and safe, as well as search and categorize files.

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