Sniper Zombies

Sniper Zombies

Vng Game Studios

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Name Sniper Zombies
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Package sniper.gun.zombie.shooting
Publisher Vng Game Studios
Category Action
Version 1.57.2
Size 145M
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Introduce about Sniper ZombiesPrepare yourself for a brand-new, breathtaking shooting game that combines a sniper game with a zombie game!BackgroundOn mobile, zombie shooters are ...
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Introduce about Sniper Zombies

Prepare yourself for a brand-new, breathtaking shooting game that combines a sniper game with a zombie game!


On mobile, zombie shooters are simple to locate. The shooting mechanic on mobile makes it simple to move about and learn the game, in part because the action theme is too alluring and appealing to a wide audience. The method of standing and shooting at each zombie one by one does not sound very realistic, though, if there is a real zombie plague in real life. They poured into the herd, growing more and more ferocious and bloodthirsty. Is it conceivable to combine direct armament with a horde of zombie snipers from a distance, as you’ve seen in old zombie movies, in the hopes of one day ending the awful pandemic? Sniper Zombies began with this approach, building on a post-apocalyptic premise. The possibility of a future in which the zombie outbreak has wiped off humanity. All of them have evolved into monstrous creatures that constantly hunt the survivors. A few survivors are still fighting and holding out in the base hidden behind the faraway mountains in the hopes that one day they would eliminate the entire source of that terrifying bacteria and prevent the extinction of humans. The survivors continue to work, hunt for food and water, seek for new homes, or simply traverse the globe in search of tools, equipment for homemade weapons, and bases for people. They also couldn’t defend themselves as successfully while on duty as they could in a conflict. To safeguard other soldiers on other ground missions, a sniper unit with expertise in remote buddy missions was formed. You are one of this elite sniper team’s top snipers in Sniper Zombies.

Play both online and offline

In Sniper Zombies, you can find a ton of contemporary 3D sniper weaponry, a ton of terrifying zombies, and the incredible fighting speed of marksmen. In order to safeguard others while carrying out a mission, you will observe from a distance without pausing to take anything else in order to keep an eye on your fellow people and ensure their safety at all times. You are the only one who can shield everyone from the perilous situation where someone is on a mission and the zombies suddenly appear. You get to use a new sniper gun every day, and you have a variety of assignments to fulfill. The zombies are getting more powerful and intelligent, while the guns are getting faster and more powerful. You will steadily improve your strength and shooting skills as well as acquire a large number of new weaponry with greater battle value with each victory, earning you important rewards. In this universe, in addition to shooting zombies, you must also eliminate the hostile survivors. They are dispersed all over, mixing and attempting to seize your party’s supplies, food, and weapons. Love cannot triumph over hatred in this realm of impending death. Only gun fights can put an end to conflicts swiftly. In comparison to zombies, similar opponents might occasionally be even worse and unexpected.

Graphics and sound

This zombie sniper game includes a lot of fun objectives, a lot of different things you can do, and the character makes realistic, rhythmic movements. Although not particularly good, the graphics blend nicely with everything happening on the battlefield and make playing feel oppressive. especially when the zombies jump out of a corner of the screen. A substantial portion of the Sniper Zombies map is dedicated to letting you explore various dead zones, including jails and large cities. Every location has a unique topography that you can use to your advantage while using your long-range sniper vision. The sniper rifle weapon series has exquisite detailing and a very solid physics modeling. The audio portrays the grim essence of the zombie battlefield while being precise, clear, and not overly noisy. When you see zombies come, you’ll be thrilled, alarmed, thrilled, and mad. In the game, many different situations include various emotions. Because it supports so many intense climaxes with images and music, Sniper Zombies is appealing.

MOD APK version of Sniper Zombies

MOD feature

Unrestricted funds


Spending causes your money to grow.
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Download Sniper Zombies APK & MOD for Android

In a nutshell, Sniper Zombies is a zombie sniper game with a wide variety of missions and settings to discover. You will experience the skill of shooting from a different perspective, at a great distance, and with much more activity than other zombie shooters.

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