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Name Smart AudioBook Player
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Version 8.9.6
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Introduce about Smart AudioBook PlayerThe online audiobook application offers a diverse range of genres and titles.First impression"I have listened to thousands of hours of aud...
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Introduce about Smart AudioBook Player

The online audiobook application offers a diverse range of genres and titles.

First impression

“I have listened to thousands of hours of audiobooks on this app,” “I find it has many features that are constantly improving,” “I am satisfied with it,” “I especially like the sleep timer and vibrate mode,” “I didn’t expect that the free version includes all the books, and I can also organize folders and classify them clearly,” “I didn’t expect that the free version includes all the books,” “I didn’t expect that the free version includes all the books,” “I didn’t expect that Then, without hesitation, I chose to download the Smart AudioBook Player. Yes, it satisfies all of my basic reading requirements. My first impression of it is that it is designed in a minimalist style. The app’s UI design may appear to certain users to be from the 1990s. A current model may be required for other apps. However, in my opinion, the old vibe is required when using the reading program. Instead of being distracted by other aesthetic cues, users are forced to concentrate on listening to the book and scanning the book summaries. The app’s basic minimalist style has entirely satisfied me. Light colors, a basic background, easy-to-read text, a nice search, and simple-to-use buttons… they’re all obvious at first glance, so there’s no need to go into detail. The software is mostly intended for reading. Overall, I really enjoy the way the program looks.

Listen to books anytime, anywhere

Books in Smart AudioBook Player come from two places:(1) the application’s extensive library of titles, and(2) audiobooks downloaded from the internet, which you may copy to your phone and then load into this app to begin listening. In any case, one of Smart AudioBook Player’s primary advantages is that it is compatible with all audiobook formats, regardless of the source. You can alter the basic and advanced functions just like you do with other audio files:

  • pause/play
  • Rewind
  • Select a reading speed.

The Widget on the Smart AudioBook Player allows you to operate the player from your home screen. The audio control bar appears on your phone screen whenever you listen to an audiobook. You can make changes without having to open the application. It’s simple to work, check email, or even send messages while listening to an audiobook from there. These features will allow you to listen to books whenever and wherever you choose. It is practical and appropriate in any setting, even before and after sleeping.

Book classification

You may rapidly create your own folder when saving new audiobooks to the app. Existing books as well as newly saved books are now available in Smart AudioBook Player. Each folder can be further segmented based on a variety of parameters, including author, genre, year, length, and so on. Simply go to the appropriate folder, search, sort by the filter, and it will appear. The books that have been read can also be divided into three categories: new, started, and finished. You can use these folders to re-list titles you’ve listened to, are listening to, or want to listen to in the future. Another option to manually organize books is to establish folders based on the list of characters; this will make it easier to maintain track of the tale. Smart AudioBook Player allows you to define the root folder containing all of your audiobooks, allowing you to exclude folders containing music and other audio files from the download process.

Read many books without fear of losing track

You don’t have to finish one book before moving on to the next with this app. Each book’s reading progress is saved separately. In other words, you can read a few pages of book A before exiting and selecting book B to continue reading. Then, whenever you need to listen again, simply go to the list of books you’re now reading and select the appropriate book to continue reading. Smart AudioBook Player includes a bookmark feature that saves the current page as a bookmark. That means that the next time you listen, you’ll be able to pick up right where you left off. The software also has Chromecast support and a pause button in case you fall asleep while using it. If you wish to keep listening, simply shake the phone and the reading will resume. This is a feature that many people, including myself, value significantly. You can also use it to lull yourself.

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MOD APK version of Smart AudioBook Player

MOD feature

Unlocked Pro

Download Smart AudioBook Player APK & MOD for Android

In summary, I give it an 8 out of 10 rating. Listening to audiobooks using Smart AudioBook Player is very focused and extremely effective. There is no fuss, no extraneous features. This audiobook application is available for download here for anyone who are interested.

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