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Name Skullgirls
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Package com.autumn.skullgirls
Publisher Autumn Games, Llc
Category Action
Version 5.0.0
Size 102M
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features No Skill CD
Introduce about SkullgirlsThe storyThe setting of Skullgirls is the kingdom of Canopy, where a number of individuals are searching for an artifact called the Skull Heart. According...
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Introduce about Skullgirls

The story

The setting of Skullgirls is the kingdom of Canopy, where a number of individuals are searching for an artifact called the Skull Heart. According to legend, this artifact grants a desire to the woman who finds it once every seven years. Her wish will come true if her soul is clean. She will be cursed and changed into a creature called a Skullgirl if she doesn’t. Then, when Marie, one of the new Skullgirls, was born, the kingdom of Canopy was in risk of being destroyed. You’ll need to raise an army to combat her.


Join Skullgirls and take part in the battle against the bad guys. It is your goal to eliminate every foe before time runs out. The game’s controls offer a lot of customization. To throw a punch or kick, touch the right edge of the screen. A critical attack will be launched if you simultaneously touch the screen’s sides. Skullgirls’ content is organized using a tree approach. You will select the tree’s playable spots (nodes). It also implies that you have a choice of challenges. This model is extremely adaptable; Kabam Games’ Marvel Contest of Champions also made use of it. You cannot escape the Bosses appearing at the special nodes, so take note of it.


Skullgirls is a standard Gacha mechanic game, as was already explained. This means that when you open the cards or utilize fortunate spin, you will receive a random character. Characters each have unique stats and skills. They are also graded, and purchasing specialized cards will cost you a lot of money if you want to obtain uncommon characters. Each character in the game is a member of a particular class, and as such, they each have unique skills. Skullgirls adds a lot of battle techniques with this feature. If you want to improve your chances of victory, you must construct the ideal team or choose the ideal node on the tree. Characters can advance in level. They can then unlock new combat skills and gain attribute points as a result. In “Skill Tree,” you can test each character’s abilities.


I want to talk about two different reward categories: daily rewards and winning prizes. Players are rewarded for logging into the game each day in Skullgirls. You can also have the chance to receive many precious stuff, including cash, diamonds, ticket characters, and keys to enter unique chests, if you just work hard to open the game every day. A newbie event is also held by Skullgirls. If they check in for 7 days straight, they will get a new character. Experience points (for the group to use in battle), gold, and jewels are some of the winning prizes. The sum is determined by how well you perform. For instance, defeating the opposition quickly or ensuring that no one from your squad is lost. Skullgirls also features a daily questing system. The system that provides the gamer with a lot of resources is this one.

Rift Battle

The most notable Skullgirls mode is Rift Battle. To compete and earn accomplishments, you can connect with other genuine players here. The matchmaking algorithm in the game will automatically look for opponents with strengths comparable to those of your team. However, you must set up your squad before the combat and you are unable to make changes after it starts. You must comprehend each character’s power dynamics and perfect your control techniques to effectively exploit online opponents in Rift Battle mode. Practice more in Training mode if you believe your knowledge and skills are lacking. To assist you in honing your abilities and strategies, the system will offer ideas and associated instructions.

MOD APK version of Skullgirls

MOD feature

No Skill CD: The cooldown duration is halved in the MOD APK version. You can attack your opponents repeatedly as a result, winning more quickly.


Remember that even though you don’t have to wait for your character’s cooldown, your adversary can still strike you. If you don’t want to lose the battle, you should mix defense and dodging against some bosses because they can deal extremely high damage.
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Download Skullgirls MOD APK for Android

The sophisticated content system in Skullgirls features a large cast of characters for you to use. You need to call in the best trio of heroes to thwart Marie’s terrible plan because she is endangering the existence of the kingdom of Canopy.

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