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SimpleRockets 2

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Name SimpleRockets 2
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Introduce about SimpleRockets 2Have you ever wanted to explore space, fly with rockets, or become an astronaut? Making rockets is a skill that only top-tier professionals possess. However, t...
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Introduce about SimpleRockets 2

Have you ever wanted to explore space, fly with rockets, or become an astronaut? Making rockets is a skill that only top-tier professionals possess. However, the game maker Jundroo has created a title called SimpleRockets that enables players of all ages to construct their own rockets. This game has gained notoriety and shot to the top of its category thanks to its distinctive content. Following the initial version’s popularity, SimpleRockets 2 was immediately created with high expectations.

Making rockets

Similar to its predecessor, SimpleRockets 2 offers a sizable 3D area where players can construct rockets in whatever shape they like. The game pushes anyone’s creative limits with over 17 tasks and numerous levels. SimpleRockets 2 is more than just a fun video game. It gives players the impression that they are actually creating a rocket by providing a lot of knowledge about aircraft assembly methods, rockets, and engines. Players simply need to manually assemble the finished product after the necessary engines and components have been made available. The player can select from a wide variety of game elements and functionality. For instance, there are eight different types of engines accessible when you select rocket or airplane engines. In contrast to the ion engine, which is weak but provides excellent efficiency, the Mage engine runs on highly potent kerosene. You may quickly shape and resize fuel tanks, payload compartments, wings, and other pieces to fit your desired rocket models. The rocket model is incredibly intricate and has numerous little elements, like solar panels, pistons, and wheels. Don’t overlook them! The working piston and burning fuel produced heat continuously while the rocket was in action. Please install the radiator to lower the pressure because it is simple for unanticipated difficulties to occur when the temperature is too high. Players can also launch assembly components into space and utilize them to construct satellites, space stations, refueling stations, detectors, and even bases on the moon. As stops or swaps with other astronaut stations, they are also possible.

Discover the universe

Players can explore 3D worlds that Jundroo’s team meticulously designed in addition to building rockets. In the galaxy, alien worlds are multiplying. Not only does Earth support life, but other planets in SimpleRockets 2 also include biomes, deserts, meadows, and water. Making your own rocket and using it on an exploratory mission into space would be more intriguing than anything. Realistic simulated orbits will reduce travel time between planets in time support mode. You may also plan your day by looking at the rocket’s trajectory on the map and then selecting the appropriate mode.


SimpleRockets 2 has pretty nice visuals. On the 3D platform, space and planets are properly reproduced. The rocket’s pieces are extremely intricate and interact practically throughout assembly and use. As a result, playing this game gives you the impression that you are using actual rockets to soar into space. Players can manually alter the paint color, contrast, texture, and detail for their designs so that they are distinctive and distinctively their own.
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Download SimpleRockets 2 APK for Android

There aren’t many games with as intricate and lifelike graphics as SimpleRockets 2 in general among those in the same simulation genre. In order to give players a realistic and engaging experience, the gameplay and graphics of the game have been meticulously thought out. It teaches you a lot about the cosmos, rockets, and other things. In addition, the game creates a community of people who are interested in becoming astronauts. You can communicate, make new friends, and share the model rockets you produce.

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