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Name Simple Contacts Pro
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Version 6.18.0
Size 7M
Requires Android 5.0
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Introduce about Simple Contacts ProThis program allows you to manage, retrieve, and synchronize your phone contacts.Why do you need to manage your phone book?There's nothing to...
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Introduce about Simple Contacts Pro

This program allows you to manage, retrieve, and synchronize your phone contacts.

Why do you need to manage your phone book?

There’s nothing to chat about if you only have a few dozen to a hundred contacts on your phone. However, if you have a large number of contacts, the default contact management may no longer be enough. Finding or filtering your numbers becomes increasingly difficult and complicated, especially as the number of people with the same name grows. Not to add that the phone’s contact storage space might fill up quickly. This is when you realize you need help managing your smartphone contacts on a regular basis. Yes, Simple Contacts Pro comes to mind.

Simple Contacts Pro, more than a mere contact manager

Simple Contacts Pro is a contact management app for smartphones. All storage operations are centralized in one location, allowing them to be synchronized across several devices and automatically backed up without duplicating existing contacts. The program also allows you to preserve memory space and search for contacts on your phone quickly and easily.

Smart storage, efficient search

Simple Contacts Pro has many sorting and filtering options, including the ability to display the last name as the first name and vice versa. You don’t have to stress about whether or not you’re saving the correct last name. You can rapidly find any phone number by sorting by a variety of criteria. There’s no longer any need to search by keyword and then scroll up and down to get a phone number. With Simple Contacts Pro installed on your device, you may type search terms into the search box, just like you would when searching for news on Google, and the results will appear in order as you type each new keyword. The app’s keyword search feature is quite useful. You can look up practically any piece of information you’ve saved. It will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever Simple Contacts Pro also has this feature, which allows you to create a distinct list for your favorite persons or groups of contacts. These groups can be given names and used to send bulk emails or SMS to the entire group. This function allows you to save a significant amount of time and effort.

Manage email and events on the device

You may quickly update the name, email, phone number, address, organization, group, and all other elements of contacts recorded with Simple Contacts Pro. If the program finds a previously saved phone number, it will display a notification right away so you don’t have to save it again. You may also personalize and edit that contact’s information. Simple Contacts Pro can also be used to save important dates such as birthdays, anniversaries, and other personal or professional occasions.

Automatic backup and synchronization

It’s also a good idea to back up your mobile contacts to the cloud. You’ll always have a backup data source, similar to the list on your phone, so that if you lose your phone or switch to another phone, it’ll be much easier to store it again. Smart contacts backup technology is available in the app, which syncs new and old contacts on a regular basis to retain backup copies of these numbers. New contacts are automatically backed up when you add them. Even if you lose your phone, you can be assured that they are protected. Alternatively, if you want your data to be more secure, you can use the “Do not share with other programs” feature to keep everything as private as possible. Simple Contacts Pro also includes a number of display customization possibilities. You are free to choose whichever method is most convenient for you. Displaying phone numbers on the home page, toggling contact thumbnail display mode, only showing contacts with phone numbers, and displaying a call confirmation window before making a call are just some of the options available.

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Some extra features

For contacting and texting contacts in the phonebook, there are convenient button styles. You can conceal any buttons you don’t use if you don’t want to see them. Simple Contacts Pro also supports vCard input/output to.vcf files, making it simple to backup, transmit, and share data with other devices. This contact management software includes a modern, minimalist evening display based on material design that makes it easier to look up contacts in the dark. Simple Contacts Pro also has a distinct function for blocking specific mobile numbers to avoid unsolicited calls. This is another little but really helpful function found only in a smart contact management program like this.

Download Simple Contacts Pro APK free for Android

Simple Contacts Pro is compact and light on memory, yet its use and ease are undeniable. Please get it here if you require smart phone book management.

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