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Name SimCity BuildIt
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Publisher Electronic Arts
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Size 147M
Requires Android 4.1
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Introduce about SimCity BuildItBuild in SimCity It is a simulation game from the company Electronic Arts, which you may recognize if you frequently play games on your phone. They are well-kn...
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Introduce about SimCity BuildIt

Build in SimCity It is a simulation game from the company Electronic Arts, which you may recognize if you frequently play games on your phone. They are well-known for the Plants vs. Zombies video game franchise and a few sports games, like Real Racing 3. This was EA’s first attempt at a simulation game. And this game’s impact is incredible. The game has received numerous 5-star reviews and more than 50 million installs on Google Play as of right now.


The SimCity series, which was first released in the late 1980s, has been a gamer’s greatest friend for many decades and has advanced significantly since then. From the outset, this most recent edition feels lighter and more polished, and upon closer inspection, unexpected subtleties become apparent. SimCity’s fundamental ideas stay constant. The previous square shapes and aerial perspective, however, have morphed into a constructible three-dimensional universe. Your concern will soon shift from meeting basic necessities to high-class needs, taking control of your thoughts. You’ll have a donut shop eventually. After that, you’ll envision malls and casinos. You place a high priority on reshaping the city to suit your tastes, such as by constructing beach resorts or creating a Parisian aesthetic.

Grow your city

If you are not very preoccupied with keeping the city running smoothly, simply pausing and watching the simulation work is enough to provide you joy. In a sporting arena, you may use two fingers to zoom in on the little athletes playing volleyball, scoring directly in baseball, and scoring on the football field. You might take pleasure in taking in the scenery or taking in the busy city sounds with its contented inhabitants. What a fantastic result for all your hard work, yes? Industrial parks, however, are more than just places for Sims to work. These industrial sites will create the supplies needed for you to enhance your current plots along with your stores. Your property may first appear a little plain—more SimTown or SimVillage-like. However, you will know what to do next once you observe the changes in a growing metropolis. However, some people only want to witness the end of the world, and I must admit that this is also thrilling. If you develop a large enough city, you can ask Dr. Vu to help you destroy it with a variety of natural calamities, such as a meteorite strike or an alien invasion. It is simpler to destroy than to construct. Additionally, your efforts to rebuild your city will be rewarded.

Collect and trade resources

Resources play a critical role in the construction of cities. Without resources, a building cannot be constructed. You can find and purchase resources from other players, though. There are moments when some players require your resources and you need their resources as well. Both sides benefited from the discussion that took place. You can also generate a respectable income by trading and swapping resources.


There are various currencies in SimCity BuildIt:

  • Simoleons: By improving structures, trading resources, and selling goods, you can earn simoleons. As an alternative, you can purchase Simoleons using SimCash.
  • SimCash: Expensive money. SimCash enables you to instantly purchase and upgrade your creations. SimCash is only available while making cash purchases. After fulfilling various achievements, you also have the chance to earn some SimCash, however the amount is very small.
  • Golden Key: Accomplishments in disaster challenges or shipping will get you the Golden Key.
  • Platinum Key: The Mayor’s Contest is the sole way to obtain the Platinum Key. SimCash cannot be used to pay for it.


The visual quality of EA’s game is beyond question. SimCity BuildIt creates realistic and clear 3D graphics to recreate a virtual metropolis. You can see all the activities going on in your city from above. Zoom in and out to observe how your contented residents live. Your city has a gorgeous layout with clear visuals and vibrant colors. Additionally, the game contains effects for day and night, as well as seasonal weather variations. You get the finest result from everything said above.

MOD APK version of SimCity BuildIt

MOD features

Unlimited Funds/Key: You start out with 25,000 Simoleons and 50 SimCash. When updating major works, you’ll feel as though there are very few of them. SimCash is only usable when absolutely necessary. All of your financial problems in this game will be resolved by the MOD version. You receive an endless supply of money (including SimCash, Simoleons, Key)

How to install and use

For the MOD version of SimCity BuildIt to function as intended, you must take care when installing & utilizing the MOD APK. Install InternetGuard in the first step using IPHONESIDE or Google Play. This step is necessary since the application will prevent SimCity BuildIt from successfully accessing the Internet while you play. Step2: Download and install the game’s MOD version on your phone. To install SimCity BuildIt on your phone after installation, open the SimCity BuildIt Installer. Step3: Launch InternetGuard and turn on the program in the upper-right corner of the display. blocking all access to SimCity BuildIt’s WiFi and mobile data. Open the game on step four. The game will now attempt to connect to the server. However, because we have restricted the application’s connection to the network, it will remain inactive for a while (It may take a few minutes, please be patient). The game will start up shortly after that, and you will have successfully entered it. Android 11 is not supported by the MOD APK version at this time. You can also try other applications like Stickman Legends, Pixel Car Racer, and CSR Racing 2.

Download SimCity BuildIt MOD APK for Android

This game will make you feel fantastic as you watch your city grow from nothing to a thriving metropolis. SimCity BuildIt is a game you must play if you enjoy simulation games and want to build your own city.

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