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Introduce about ShareMeYour files will be transferred as rapidly as lightning!Why should you use ShareMe to transfer files?When transferring files to another device, there are ...
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Introduce about ShareMe

Your files will be transferred as rapidly as lightning!

Why should you use ShareMe to transfer files?

When transferring files to another device, there are two typical methods: one is to utilize Bluetooth, and the other is to send the file over email or a chat program. However, both of these options come with a slew of drawbacks and risks:

  • Bluetooth, no matter how recent it is, has a very poor file transfer speed; even if the file is not very large, you will have to wait for quite some time.
  • Selecting and uploading files to the mail and placing them in the chat takes a long time when transferring files via chat tools or email. The biggest disadvantage of this method is that the quality and format of the files, particularly images, can be altered.

Using an application that specializes in transferring files across mobile phones, both online and offline, appears to be the most optimal alternative when compared to these two traditional methods. If you’re searching for anything similar, I highly recommend ShareMe. There are a slew of apps that do similar file-sharing capabilities. However, I continue to use ShareMe due of its simplicity and use.

ShareMe supports almost all file formats

The capacity to transfer files in many formats is the first factor for me when selecting a data-sharing application to install on my computer. And ShareMe has done it: this tool can transfer and receive any file forms, including image files, videos, music, and applications, without any trouble or hindrance. It’s worth noting that the size of files that can be sent with ShareMe is unrestricted. Any file, regardless of size, can be totally transferred across devices. If you frequently need to collaborate and share information with colleagues or partners in a variety of fields, this will be a huge benefit.

Easy to use, high speed, no mobile data or network required

If you’re still concerned about whether or not you need to be connected to the internet to use this app, I’d suggest you don’t have to. ShareMe is a file-sharing application that uses the P2P protocol to boost file transfer speeds without requiring an Internet connection. This protocol not only speeds up the process of delivering files over the internet, but it may also reach speeds of up to 50MB/s. Even if you don’t have access to the Internet and only have Bluetooth, ShareMe’s file sharing is substantially faster than if you don’t use the software. It may be provided in seconds whether you are online or offline. This application’s best feature is its speed.

Transfer files and change the arrangement of folders inside

Not only can ShareMe transfer files fast across devices, but it also allows you to change the order of the files based on what is read from the sender’s phone. All of the files that have been transferred are classified into categories so that the recipient may find, share, and track them with the sender.

You can also try other applications like µTorrent Pro, ShareMe, and StoryArt.

What if you’re sending a file and it’s interrupted?

When transferring enormous data, long transfer times, or in an emergency, interruptions are the most frightening condition. But after utilizing ShareMe, I’m no longer concerned about this. If a file conversion is mistakenly interrupted in the middle due to an error, you can resume the process without having to restart it, and the received file will be free of errors. Everything is simple and convenient with ShareMe.

Intuitive and lively interface

Rarely does an application with as many features as ShareMe have such a straightforward, easy-to-use UI. The application’s user interface is incredibly straightforward, colorful, and simple to understand, so anyone of any age may use it quickly and simply. Similar file transfer programs have always had the issue of displaying the file to be transferred with those complicated paths and instructions, but with ShareMe, everything becomes very condensed and easy. Furthermore, this program supports a variety of languages, including English, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, and Vietnamese. You might also try SHAREit!

Download ShareMe APK for Android

In summary, ShareMe is a very useful tool for individuals who need to convert files frequently, both offline and online, demand high speed, and can handle a wide range of file types and sizes. To have an amazing experience, download this app.

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