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Name Shadow of Death
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Package com.Zonmob.ShadowofDeath.FightingGames
Publisher Bravestars Games
Category Action
Size 154M
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features Unlimited Money
About Shadow of DeathThese games' allure consistently ranks at the top of the market. The publisher of Zonmob Game Studio has officially published this blockbuster action game to the gaming ...
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About Shadow of Death

These games’ allure consistently ranks at the top of the market. The publisher of Zonmob Game Studio has officially published this blockbuster action game to the gaming community following the success of a number of pre-release games. The game combines engaging gameplay with atmospheric dark color features. Find unsolved mysteries by joining Shadow of Death right away. Do you want to experience Shadow of Death2, the updated version of this game?


The storyline in the video game Shadow of Death is quite extensive and in-depth. I enjoy the game’s plot so much since it fully informs me of a world I’m ready to enter. Shadow of Death takes place in the City of Light, where King Luther established a prosperous and tranquil realm with the help of the apex gods of heaven. The Council of Thunder was founded by the king. The purpose of this council is to preserve the ancient knowledge that has been lost for many centuries. The Thunder holds in his palm all of the knowledge of heaven and earth, including magic, medicine, astrology, and other fields. The most successful dynasty in the planet of Auron was founded by King Luther as a result of this council. Tragedies, though, can happen at any time. The loving sister of King Luther XV eventually got sick and passed away. The king, overcome with grief, sought advice from the council on how to bring his sister back from the grave. He blended Magic, Medicine, and Alchemy with his amazing understanding to produce cures. However, these things unintentionally led to the worst epidemic in human history throughout the production process. When the lab exploded, everything went to the top, and the epidemic quickly spread throughout the kingdom. The monsters started to appear everywhere once the king vanished. This dreadful epidemic has no treatment. A knight by the name of Max, who was in charge of King Luther XIV’s troops, had just returned from a conflict with his neighbor. He was lucky enough to receive godly strength, but he also lost his memories. Holding the sword, Max sets out to slay the monster and uncover the horrific secret that this illness is hiding. You join Shadow of Death and face the intrepid Max. Kill all the monsters you can see. Anytime you catch their eye, they’ll always come after you. Keep in mind that because the creatures grow so quickly, you must act quickly to defeat them. Kill creatures in accordance with the game’s instructions and objectives. You can only progress through the game’s stages by completing missions. Fight or perish.


There are more than 30 maps in Shadow of Death, and you’ll face hundreds of obstacles. Challenger and Adventure are the game’s two primary game modes, and there are also four different difficulty settings: Normal, Hard, Hell, and Insane. Along with monsters, you also run into powerful boss monsters that are enormous in size. I suggest upgrading your weapons so you can take out the boss more quickly. Move carefully to avoid being hurt by the creatures, then simply strike the sky. In order to unlock and improve your skills, try to kill as many creatures as you can. Through training and online learning, I discovered many new methods to integrate skills. Try it, please.


The equipment system in Shadow of Death offers the player a surprising experience. You are being played to conquer by a ton of weaponry and hundreds of pieces of unique equipment. The four categories of armor in the game are Common, Damaged, Legendary, Magical, and Rare. Each kind of armor grants you whole strength and resistance, enabling you to develop a distinctive style in each person. Additionally, there is a chance to obtain extremely rare stuff if you defeat the Boss.


Even though Shadow of Death only has 2D visuals, they are nevertheless incredibly impressive when compared to a number of other 3D graphics games. Shadow of Death’s setting is a blend of two colors that juxtapose light and dark, giving the game a distinctive epic feel. Attacking will have the effect of adding unique hues to this gloomy picture, which will make you want to keep fighting forever. To offer the best mobile enjoyment, the Bravestars Games development team is always developing the game. I appreciate you playing, and I hope you’ll support more Shadow of Death updates in the future.

MOD APK version of Shadow of Death

MOD feature

There are two types of currency in this game: crystals and souls. They’re all limitless.

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Download Shadow of Death MOD APK for Android

Shadow of Death is a free offline game that you may play without a network connection. This game offers you a thrilling experience on the well-known Shadow Fight 3 or Shadow Fight 2 series’ black background. It’s a fun, compelling game that you can play. If you’re prepared, you can download the iOS and Android versions of Shadow of Death. This is the best action role-playing game ever!

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