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Name Shadow Knight
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Package com.fansipan.stickman.fight.shadow.knights
Publisher Fansipan Limited
Category Games
Version 1.19.11
Size 151M
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features God Mode
Introduce about Shadow KnightShadow Knight maintains the adventure and role-playing mechanics of the original. Players will soon be won over by the game's original pairing with its excellent...
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Introduce about Shadow Knight

Shadow Knight maintains the adventure and role-playing mechanics of the original. Players will soon be won over by the game’s original pairing with its excellent aesthetics. Even though Shadow Knight is thought to have been built on top of its predecessor, it claims to have more adventure and fight more fiercely thanks to upgrades in content and features.


Harmonia is the setting for the first chapter of Shadow Knight’s narrative. Numerous races live there, including elves, humans, orcs, spirits, monsters, and undead. Every race lives in harmony with one another and has its own region. It didn’t last long since aspirations started to rise. As a result, Harmonia experienced the tragedy, which plunged the world into chaos and conflict. The dark knight made the decision to find this land’s light in order to prevent the lovely land from becoming more and more worn out and lifeless. The tranquility is still out there, far distant. The knight faces a host of heroic beasts and wicked foes while searching for it.


Join Shadow Knight: Deathly Adventure, and you’ll become a dark knight with immense strength and courage. Participate in fanciful adventure tales and lose yourself in never-ending conflicts at night. Each day, there are numerous tasks that must be finished. You must always be mentally prepared to go on adventures through dungeons, ghost towns, and woodlands. There are constantly obstacles in your route, and dangerous traps, zombies, and monsters are waiting for you. Be objective when dealing with the dungeon’s final bosses. They are not only strong, but they also move extremely quickly in battle. If you’re even the slightest bit forgetful, your character might pass away right away. You can complete more than 100 different sorts of accomplishments in Shadow Knight. Additionally, you receive worthwhile gifts like jewels, keys, or energy.

Weapons and items

The forces of darkness and you alone are engaged in an unfair conflict in this situation. You must decide on a suitable and potent weapon for yourself in order to be able to defeat thousands of adversaries. You can amass armor and an arsenal from Shadow Knight. On your quest to capture Harmonia, they will be invaluable allies in helping you reach your objectives. You can obtain goods and weapons through the gates. Additionally, you can use cash or gems to purchase them from the shop if you’re not quite satisfied. On the other hand, there are different levels and upgrades for different equipment kinds. The damage increases each level while the aesthetics of the fighting effect also improve.


As the name suggests, the Shadow Knight is in a gloomy and dimly lit environment. Even though they were only created using 2D graphics, the effects, which included smoke, sparks, fog, and colorful enchantment, were precisely planned. There are some gaps in the simulation of the characters in this game. You could occasionally feel like staring at the characters’ shadows. The graphics and viewpoints in Shadow Knight are somewhat reminiscent of those in games like Shadow of Death 2 and Stickman Legends.

MOD APK version of Shadow Knight

MOD Features

Deity Mode

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Download Shadow Knight MOD APK for Android

All things considered, Shadow Knight is an intriguing and compelling role-playing game. You won’t want to take your eyes off the screen due to the brutal battles, quick-fire hack-and-slash gameplay, and a host of other captivating features. Harmonia needs you right now! Are you prepared to install the game and reclaim your peace?

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