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Shadow Knight Premium

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Name Shadow Knight Premium
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Package com.fansipan.stickman.shadow.knights.fightinggames
Publisher Fansipan Limited
Category Action
Version 1.19.12
Size 151M
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features No Skill CD
Introduce about Shadow Knight PremiumTake part in many imaginary shadow fights!GameplayThe world will depend entirely on you as the Dark Hero. Your character will fulfill the role...
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Introduce about Shadow Knight Premium

Take part in many imaginary shadow fights!


The world will depend entirely on you as the Dark Hero. Your character will fulfill the role of the heroic hero by taking on a plethora of scary monsters, preventing Harmonia’s annihilation, and restoring light to all species. Do you know this post-apocalyptic scenario? Nearly all of the apocalyptic scenarios from games and movies that we’ve ever seen are there in Shadow Knight Premium, including monsters, aliens, zombies, and terminator. The general consensus is that one of the popular action role-playing mobile games is Shadow Knight Premium, which has thousands of fans. The lengthy route to preserving the Harmonia universe of yesteryear is through the entire game evolution. This voyage has numerous levels, and each level contains a number of scenes. But the action mostly centers on the bloody conflicts between the Knights and the evil creatures. Slashing is a pretty exciting part of Shadow Knight Premium, it must be said. The main character in The Dark Knight has enough abilities to run, jump, and climb like a real ninja in a variety of sequences. They will also receive a variety of equipment as the fight rounds progress, including weapons, better skills, and particularly various equipment to boost power. The way the control layout is set up determines how enjoyable the gaming experience will be. You can fully concentrate on the screen, understand the scenario, and engage in monster combat thanks to the simple and logical operation. This is a task that Shadow Knight Premium excels at. In the game, controlling the character is really easy. The movement direction cluster is located on the left side of the horizontal screen, and the skill button cluster is located on the right. The fight displays in Shadow Knight Premium are really striking in contrast to that straightforward procedure. You’ll put moves and attack skills together to build a number of magical combos on the primarily dark background. As the skill’s route is traversed by dozens of nearby opponents who have fallen, light begins to radiate outward. Even if you lose that combat, it’s still exhilarating to witness these skills in action.

Strengthening your character’s power

While you are playing, your character must constantly be improved, upgraded, and made stronger so that they can withstand a number of creatures that are getting more and more powerful. But before you begin, you must pick the appropriate class for you. The four classes in Shadow Knight Premium correspond to various tools, abilities, and powers:

  • Noah: The primary weapon is a sword with a powerful melee attack and tremendous damage.
  • Ashley: excels in firearms with incredibly high accuracy when attacking from a distance.
  • Hector is a strong fighter who only uses his hands to battle, yet he is capable of doing a lot of harm.
  • Lucius is an assassin who can kill using many razor-sharp knives.

You can improve your character by gathering soul pieces as you battle opponents. The Shadow Warrior has a unique upgrade path to further develop its particular talents, depending on the class that was first selected. Additionally, the skillset alters in accordance with each level. Combat combos will become more and more intense, effective, and common. Players will be given two characters for each game so they can swap between them and a variety of foes. Each character gains a lot of specific equipment from playing through scenarios or looking for treasure chests in addition to level-based talents, such as armor, shoes, belts, and headgear. The six categories of equipment in Shadow Knight Premium are Normal, Rare, Premium, Unique, Legendary, and Ultimate. In particular, the equipment itself becomes stronger when it is loaded with enhancement stones, and when you combine several pieces of little used equipment, a new, more potent item may result.

Attractive game modes

Players have their choice of three game modes in Shadow Knight Premium: Passage, Story, and Survival.

  • In the game’s story mode, players must travel through a number of stages and numerous minor moments in order to save the world.
  • Passage mode: There will be three different levels of difficulty for the challenges. You can get gold resources, enhancement stones, and a variety of other materials by completing the stage before switching to other game modes.
  • In the survival mode, several conflicts are broken into progressively more challenging turns. The enemy will be many monsters that will be more and more crowded each turn. You can earn goodies for your character here, rack up points, and get your name on the famous rankings.

The conflict in the free Shadow Knight version is just as ferocious.

MOD APK version of Shadow Knight Premium

MOD feature

CD – No Skill
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Download Shadow Knight Premium APK & MOD for Android

Shadow Knight Premium is a fantastic game, to put it briefly. The entire game is a deep black color, and a series of the most dramatic and vivid conflicts perfectly complement it. There are several fascinating turns in the plot. The game’s visuals and audio effects are also outstanding.

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