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Shadow Fight 3


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Name Shadow Fight 3
Updated On
Package com.nekki.shadowfight3
Publisher Nekki
Category Fighting
Version 1.28.2
Size 128M
Requires Android 4.4Network required
MOD Features Frozen Enemy
About Shadow Fight 3At first glance, Shadow Fight 3 appears to be an interesting shift in this fighting game series: True and detailed 3D visuals have...
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About Shadow Fight 3

At first glance, Shadow Fight 3 appears to be an interesting shift in this fighting game series: True and detailed 3D visuals have replaced the glossy black graphic design that served as the game’s name’s inspiration. The main character is now a fresh face of Shadow Squad, whose name, gender, and appearance are all determined by you rather than a famous fighter concealed in the shadows. One of the best updates in the fighting game series of this well-known game developer, Nekki has significantly improved the game’s gameplay and graphics. And it is because of these elements that Shadow Fight 3 has risen to the top of every platform’s list of the finest fighting games.

The familiar gameplay of fighting

You will push the button and use the joystick to launch a range of assaults, just like any other game in this genre. the full-throated strikes to the flying tops and punches. Even better, the game allows you to learn new skills. Keep in mind that the opponent may knock your weapon from your hands, so fight fiercely. Unless you call upon a dark force for assistance, you will have to battle your hand entirely if the weapon slips from your grasp.

Many pieces of equipment for your character

You will have access to a wide variety of tools and weapons in Shadow Fight 3. Add even more polish to your character by equipping them with objects that appear extremely lethal, such as the face of Bane from Batman or weapons like double swords, daggers, and nunchaku. Your own fighting style will be influenced by the characters and weapons you select. When you succeed in challenging stages, you are awarded with a variety of strong legends. To build a set of ideal fighting gear, you can mix, enhance, and collect various pieces of gear.

The game world is large and challenging

The main conflict in Shadow Fight 3 involves the three factions of the Legion, Dynasty, and Heralds. The Legion’s Shadow Squad team has control over the potent power source known as Shadow Energy. Your character will be able to employ Shadow Form to improve speed, power, and unlock Shadow Ability if you have a lot of energy. Don’t rejoice because the adversary may also discover the power of darkness. Start your training after choosing the faction you want to join. You will need to use the emperor’s own movements and weaponry against his minions as a new member of the Shadow Squad in order to become the renowned shadow warrior.

New graphics

If previously, Shadow Fight 2 will only have one enigmatic black color for our character. The character has regained its shape and is now fully colored on brand-new, blockbuster 3D graphics. By utilizing cutting-edge design technologies, Shadow Fight 3 has raised the bar for fighting games, giving players incredibly stunning and high-quality graphics that make the world feel incredibly real. The game’s graphics, including the character system, fighting map, and other elements, are completely new. When I play, the skill and combo impact in the game truly stand out to me and seem thrilling and enormous.

MOD APK version of Shadow Fight 3

MOD feature

Frost adversaries (Thought the MOD Menu)

How to freeze enemies?

Enemies can be frozen in the MOD version. You must first enable “Frozen enemy” in the MOD Menu. Once the adversary jumps up, you must strike since your adversary will now freeze. Keep in mind that you will also freeze when the adversary hits you after you jump up.
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Download Shadow Fight 3 APK & MOD for Android

It is fair to say that Shadow Fight 3 is among the best fighting games ever based on what the game has demonstrated. The new graphics platform, which incorporates gameplay from its predecessor and fresh improvements, will undoubtedly win you over and any fighting game aficionado. It’s time to head back to the Shadow realm and start breaking it again.

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