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Name Shadow Fight 2
Updated On
Package com.nekki.shadowfight
Publisher Nekki
Category Fighting
Version 2.20.0
Size 146M
Requires Android 4.4Can play offline
MOD Features Unlimited Money
About Shadow Fight 2Nekki released a fighting game series called Shadow Fight2, which is also its most popular iteration. Even in the early days of IP...
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About Shadow Fight 2

Nekki released a fighting game series called Shadow Fight2, which is also its most popular iteration. Even in the early days of IPHONESIDE, this is one of the best games I want to introduce to you right away.


A truly epic film detailing the story opens the game. In Shadow Fight2, you can change into an unbeatable samurai warrior that roams the globe in search of his foe. He becomes conceited after winning and breaks the rigorous samurai taboo that forbids breaking the Gate of Shadows seal. The most dangerous adversaries in the world are held there. He paid for the error with repercussions. The immense energy from Gate Of Shadows draws him out and liberates the entire realm of darkness, leaving him with nothing but the shadow. Realizing that something is wrong and could endanger the world, he made a decision to fight and practice to drive the bad spirits away once more.


The gameplay in Shadow Fight 2 is comparable to that of classic RPGs like Tekken or Mortal Kombat. Your objective in it is to take part in 1v1 combat, move, attack, and deflect opposing assaults using the control keys. The most crucial part is that you must continuously combine the keys to create talents. Numerous lethal weapons, categorized into four types, are at your disposal:

  • Using your hand, strike or brandish
  • Utilize your legs to kick the opposition.
  • Dag: Cast harm spells against far-off opponents.
  • Attack using magic like a mage.

In Shadow Fight2, there are also a number of levels with varying degrees of difficulty, from easy to very challenging. The purpose of the first stage is mostly for you to become familiar with the controls so that you can move through it without encountering any difficulties. You will need to adjust and make the right move or you risk getting shot in an instant during the subsequent stages because of the rising complexity.

Game Modes

Although this game is not overly difficult or feature-rich, it is not for those who make snap decisions. If you want to complete Shadow Fight2, you must possess a certain amount of patience. Even though new effects and playable areas are continuously being added, the game never loses its attraction. You must first successfully complete the seven bosses throughout seven chapters of the story mode. You will see every boss you have ever beaten, especially in the last chapter. Bosses in the story will be formidable adversaries. You’ll need to increase your strength by honing your assault, equipment, and talents. The plot and the new modes you will try out below can be unlocked after you kill a boss and bodyguard:

  • Secondary mode: You can get paid to upgrade and purchase gear.
  • Tournament
  • Survival
  • Duels
  • Ascension: If you succeed in this mode, you’ll get exclusive clothing and unique abilities.
  • Challenge
  • Special modes: Eclipse and Underworld (Eclipse)


A very lovely and welcoming 2D game was produced using Nekki’s exclusive technology. This game spotlights the background while the subject is completely black, as opposed to highlighting the subject in the background. It makes sense because the game’s plot has already explained this. You can tell that the game is smooth when you take part in combat. On your phone’s screen, an action movie is created by strikes, character effects, and weapons. While it may seem slower than other high-speed fighting games, this is what the Japanese samurai spirit is all about: agitation, concentration, and decision-making. Shadow Fight 2 is not a hurried game, one could say. In general, Shadow Fight 2 is still only a “half-season” fighting game, since Nekki has changed the focus of the game to a more immersive dimension without fully utilizing the aspect of resistance at its foundation. But in exchange, this has enabled us to develop a distinctive game style that is incredibly simple to play, requires little manipulation, and has a potent addictive quality. We can play this game with buddies over wifi connections, so that’s good.

MOD APK version of Shadow Fight 2

MOD features

Unlimited Money: You will have enough of money to use to purchase in-game equipment and other goods. Unlimited Energy: You initially have five energies. Every ten minutes, you’ll receive one energy point. Gems can be used to purchase more energy. Additionally, you can try the Special Edition edition of this game, which is a premium version, if you enjoy gaming without expending much energy. You will have unrestricted playtime in the SE version due to the lack of energy requirements. Additionally, this edition features unique chapters.

How to install

If you don’t install in accordance with this guide, the game can freeze at level 8 at the enchanting screen. Install the Bypass Enchantment version as the first step. Step2: Complete the level 8 enchanting screen. Step3: Install the MOD version overwriting the Bypass Enchantment version after downloading it.

You can also try other applications like 8 Ball Pool, Clash Royale, and Stickman Legends.

Download Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK for Android

This game’s interface and gameplay are the ideal complement to one another. The aesthetics and gameplay are really basic. It works with a variety of platforms, including Android, iOS, PC, Mac, and Nintendo Switch. Shadow Fight 2 has been doing a good job in this area. Despite the more gorgeous graphics of Shadow Fight3, this game still has its fans.

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