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SD Maid

App Name SD Maid
Publisher darken
Genre Apps
Size 7.84MB
Latest Version 5.1.4
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  • Unlocked
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Update September 16, 2021

Clean up your entire Android device with the SD Maid Pro application. Speed up your mobile and keep it safe at all times from any unnecessary junk in your files.

Various SD Maid Pro Features
So, do you think you need SD Maid Pro for Android? If you are still unsure of this cleaner application, we’ve listed various features that may change your mind. Nonetheless, we recommend this application, whether or not you choose to rad more.
That being said, we’ve listed all of the benefits and characteristics below. Continue reading to understand why SD Maid Pro is the right app for you…

You can immediately locate any of your applications that have been edited or modified at any time.
Also, check out just what apps are taking up the most space. Gt all of these selfish applications out of the ay. Or, at least clean them up to make some room for your various tools, games, and any other app.
SystemCleaner will scan for any files that aren’t necessary to your device. All of your filters and directories will be checked for anything that may be an issue.
Use the Explorer tool to manage all of your files. Whatever is not needed or taking up too much of your data, storage, and space will be spruced up.
In addition, you can use the App Control feature to check out what apps are annoying your device. Freeze them, and either keep them frozen, or remove them from your Android right off the bat.
Likewise, you can optimize your device to condense any of those super-fat apps and games that are killing your mobile data. So many of these different apps have unneeded jargon and junk in them, and now is the time to get rid of all of that.
There are still many more features to be enjoyed and experienced. Continue with the download to understand more of the app.

SD Maid Pro APK Free Download
SD Maid Pro comes at a hefty price of around $4. Hey, controlling your device can’t be free. Or can it? Download and install the SD Maid Pro APK premium app to your device, completely free!