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Scary Teacher 3D

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Name Scary Teacher 3D
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Package com.zakg.scaryteacher.hellgame
Publisher Z & K Games
Category Games
Version 5.2
Size 750M
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features Unlimited Money/Energy
Introducing Scary Teacher 3DZ&K Games, a publisher with a passion for horror games, published this game. Players experience drama and suspense when playing their games. Since its release...
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Introducing Scary Teacher 3D

Z&K Games, a publisher with a passion for horror games, published this game. Players experience drama and suspense when playing their games. Since its release, their most recent game, Scary Teacher 3D, has received over 10 million downloads on Google Play, and that number is rising. The game swiftly won over gamers’ hearts thanks to its distinctive, inventive gameplay, straightforward control schemes, and gorgeous 3D graphics.


Miss T, a math teacher in an elementary school, is the subject of this game. She appears to be a typical teacher from the outside. However, Miss T is actually a nightmare for the local students. She delighted in hurting youngsters with physical torture. She suddenly relocated close to your home. You make the decision to break into her residence in an effort to enrage her.


Teasing an adult is not appropriate for a child to do. But when you play Scary Teacher 3D, that is advised. You may think of Granny as you play this game. In both games, you have to enter the apartment of a spooky woman. Instead of fleeing, you will actively look for items (such as mouse traps) and arrange them on Miss T’s table in Scary Teacher 3D. You’ll be happy when you hear her yell in rage. Miss T will go outside to get a newspaper each morning. This is your chance to enter her place covertly. The next step is to swiftly locate an item and place it on the table underneath the newspaper. This is a rather large property with several rooms, including a living room, bedroom, music room, bathroom, and kitchen, so the search could take a while. Once you’ve finished your “joke,” make haste to leave the house before she finds you. If she’s getting ready to have breakfast, ruin it for her by salting the meal heavily (or soda, if you want). Miss T wants to unwind and watch her favorite program, but she ruins the TV before she can. For her, there are countless jokes. Although occasionally I think the jokes are a little over the top, it is the price she has to pay for regularly torturing children. Each level has a certain task, of course. However, there are other ways to complete that activity without any limitations or limits. For instance, one of the game’s objectives is to ruin Miss T.’s soup bowl. However, there are many ways to ruin it, such as by adding a lot of sugar or a lot of chilli.

How to control

The controls of Scary Teacher 3D are comparable to those of mobile role-playing games. You may control the character’s movement with the joystick on the left side of the screen. A button on the right side of the screen allows you to interact with things and keys, such as sitting and standing up. Swipe the screen in the desired direction to change the character’s perspective.

Use hints

Utilize the tip if you are momentarily uncertain. Stars is someplace on the Miss T. campus. Use it to purchase game hints.


The game’s main protagonists are wicked lads and girls, just like in Subway Surfers. Many characters and their costumes can be unlocked when playing Scary Teacher 3D. There are currently only two primary characters in the game: Tani and Nick. Hopefully, the publisher will include some unique personalities in the upcoming updates to make your adventure more intriguing.

Be wary of Miss T

You can see Miss T’s location on the house’s grounds on the little screen in the left corner. I think you should play it a few times so you can remember every little thing about this house. That enables you to pinpoint the specific room she is in. She has found you if her attitude shifts as a result of meeting you. Get away quickly!


While there are some horror game components in Scary Teacher 3D, there are no visual cues to indicate this. The game’s setting is a quiet town with calm colors. Despite having a frightening and intimidating exterior, Miss T occasionally exhibits amusing feelings. In addition, the music is rather humorous, which helps the game lessen its inherent horror. The game requires you to be 12 years of age or older due to certain violent content.

MOD APK version of Scary Teacher 3D

MOD features

Unlimited Money: You can use stuff that you already have that you purchased with coins before the game ever began, rather than looking for them in Miss T’s home. With the money on hand, you are free to purchase products and spend less time looking for things. Furthermore, certain cutting-edge tools assist you in coming up with incredibly original and fascinating jokes. Never worry about running out of energy. You can also try other applications like Vector 2, Endless Nightmare 2: Hospital, and Gangstar New Orleans.

Download Scary Teacher 3D MOD APK for Android

thrill, dread, fright, and suspense. You may experience a variety of emotions while playing Scary Teacher 3D. Even though a horror game lacks the color and ambiance of one, sneakily doing evil things might give you a heart attack. Believe me! You won’t enjoy the sensation of being discovered by Miss T.

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