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Name Ryuko
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Package com.HorizonGames.HuntCreed
Publisher Horizon Games Inc.
Category Action
Version 1.0.62
Size 95M
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features God Mode
Introduce about RyukoA wonderful role-playing game that will make you cry! Horizon Games, a leading publisher of mobile role-playing games, is the company behind Ryuko. In part because of th...
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Introduce about Ryuko

A wonderful role-playing game that will make you cry! Horizon Games, a leading publisher of mobile role-playing games, is the company behind Ryuko. In part because of the detailed graphics, which are on par with those in a PC game, and in part due of the intriguing storyline and fun gameplay.

The story of revenge moves many people

The story of Ryuko takes place in medieval Japan, a time when evil forces posing as nobility and aristocracy exploited their influence to cover up their wrongdoings and brazenly bring about numerous hardships for the common people. This tiny nation was the scene of cruel conflicts, and there was unrest and hostility everywhere. There was a long-gone Ninja clan in the Kurome region. Originally, they belonged to the Shadow Warriors. They had the ability to control the dark energy in addition to the extraordinary abilities that had been a part of the Ninja bloodline for centuries. However, tragedy overtook this lovely region one day, and the merciless forces of the crafty noble army and the evil energy drowned the entire family in the sea of fire. Ryoko, a female ninja, was the only survivor. Ryuko did not hesitate to climb the pass, cross the creek, and engage in fierce combat with numerous foes in her quest to uncover the truth. Thus, getting even and restoring the honor of the clan of Ninja Ryuko are the central themes of the game’s narrative.

The protagonist has invincible strength and many other extraordinary abilities

Ryuko is a narrative about magic and powers that are superior to humans, as well as politics and the times in which it is set. The Ninja clan of Ryuko is one of such forces. Each and every one of them may use dark energy. It is also conceivable for a select few individuals who have attained the upper level, such as Ryuko, to hold the black energy in their right hand, command the darkness, and use it as a weapon and source of strength for oneself. Furthermore, Ryuko is capable of employing a number of high-damage weapons, including the three famous Katanas (katana, double katana, and huge katana). She may enroll foes as warriors under herd control, curse enemies, and breach dark seals with her powerful right arm in urgent scenarios. Ryuko is continually need to carry out violent assassinations in order to defeat the pervasive dark army while seeking out the truth about the crimes committed everywhere and seeking retribution for the family. Each level will end with a battle against a powerful creature from the dark legion. After a few rounds, the difficulty gradually gets harder until you encounter the ultimate Boss, who will reveal the reason for why he killed the entire family.


The majority of the little creatures Ryuko battles along the road were transformed from people who had contracted black energy. They no longer have any sense or conscience and are merely fighting machines used to further the evil objectives of the evil army. Each day, there are more and more of these beasts. You must also contend with the actual generals and warriors of the dark army at the same time. The key to winning this game is to consistently engage in combat using a variety of methods. Hand-to-hand combat, stealth, raid, and a potent sweep are all options. Of course, having three katanas and the capacity to manipulate darkness are insufficient. Other potent weapons including darts, arrows, shotguns, and armor with potent defense will also be at your disposal. As you finish increasingly challenging stages, all these goods will rise and become unlocked, along with experience points. Of course, the player has complete control over when to use them, how to use them, and how to battle. You may occasionally be able to gather enigmatic treasures throughout the conflict from undiscovered routes. There are always numerous valuable items in these treasures that you truly need. However, they always have a deadly trap attached, and sometimes you have to pay heavily to get out of it.

Graphics and sound

It is fair to argue that one of the secrets of Ryuko’s popularity is the game’s superb 3D graphics. Anyone who has enjoyed numerous PC and mobile role-playing games will adore Ryuko. The main character has long hair and a warrior-inspired costume, while the dark legion has a menacing appearance. The Japanese setting is poetic and colorful with nature. If a suitable visual isn’t included, all of this plus the underlying information above will end in tragedy. With the opening visuals, Ryuko has done a fantastic job of guiding gamers into the “labyrinth of warfare.” And I can assure you that occasionally you won’t be able to tell whether you are playing a PC game or a smartphone game. The in-game map is also a really good thing in addition to the lovely 3D environment, which earned many compliments. Since there are several teleportation locations on the map, Ryuko can easily move from one location to another without exerting too much effort. Therefore, the battle is constantly changing with a variety of situations so you can freely display your talents, whether you are playing offline versus the computer or playing online with others. The game’s enduring soundtrack complements the striking visuals. The atmosphere seems serene, melodic, and beautiful yet is actually rife with swordplay drama. Sometimes the music is so depressing that the listener can actually feel Ryuko’s sorrowful rage as she recalls her entire deceased family. The slashes, human movements, and monster motions are all done quite well in terms of both the visual and aural impact.

MOD APK version of Ryuko

MOD feature

  • Deity Mode
  • Deity Mode

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Download Ryuko APK & MOD for Android

Well. About this game, there is a lot to say. To really grasp the core of the role-playing game Ryuko, though, you must play it. In addition to combat, role-playing, and upgrading, we also appreciate a genuine work of art.

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