Rope Hero 3

Rope Hero 3

Naxeex Ltd

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Name Rope Hero 3
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Package com.mgc.rope.hero.three
Publisher Naxeex Ltd
Category Action
Version 2.4.4
Size 96M
Requires Android 4.4
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Introduce about Rope Hero 3City's unsung hero!The hero can be anyoneOne of the most nebulous and general ideas is "hero." In everyday life, anyone can become a hero. Therefore, th...
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Introduce about Rope Hero 3

City’s unsung hero!

The hero can be anyone

One of the most nebulous and general ideas is “hero.” In everyday life, anyone can become a hero. Therefore, the protagonist shouldn’t have a clear face. It should be a cool-looking image devoid of either a particular face or the frail normal human form. The deed itself, not the glitzy details, is what counts. These game developers must have agreed because they created this hero-themed mobile game.

The mission of the faceless hero in Rope Hero 3

The third installment of the popular Rope Hero video game series for mobile devices is titled Rope Hero 3. As I indicated above, our hero is completely unclothed, lacks any elaborate equipment, and his face is hidden from view. All you see is a massive body, a cool general, and a powerful figure from the back. Your task is to kill a number of hostile creatures or hide in plain sight while controlling that strong hero in this enormous 3D open metropolis. They can be found anywhere, in obscure nooks of the city, on bustling streets, and daily in the path of unsuspecting bystanders. You must always be on the lookout for enemies among the city people and take every precaution to eliminate them. Any cost in this context refers to techniques like running, hitting, punching, and kicking as well as the use of weapons such pistols, knives, machine guns, bazookas, and other explosives. And that can also entail using all forms of transportation available on the road, such as bicycles, automobiles, buses, large vehicles, even tanks and helicopters.


Rope Hero 3’s control scheme is quite basic. The upper portion of the screen has the hero’s survival statistics, including EXP, Health, Speed, and Bonus, on the right and a little neighborhood map in the left corner. The left hand is a button that controls four directions of movement below the screen, while the right hand holds the weapon and launches attacks. Your hero will then be given a variety of tasks throughout the game. You must continually locate free resources along the road and gather goodies like first aid kits, firearms, bullets, cash, and crystals. A pretty peculiar kind of foe can be found in Rope Hero 3. Rarely do they stand up in the midst of the road or engage in a fight with the hero; instead, they usually hide and wait for an opportunity to arrive unexpectedly and without notice, or they wait until you are busy before shooting you. I was shot in the same manner several times by another thief as I was robbing a car to chase a thief. It is so enraged. Hero’s adversaries include dishonest police officers in addition to violent gangs and outlaws. These criminals are particularly unpredictable because it might be challenging to identify them because they are frequently camouflaged between law-abiding officers and innocent bystanders on the road. The best approach to avoid the worst-case situation is to start gathering weaponry from the very first levels. Because armed criminal organizations are extremely difficult to defeat without weapons. Fortunately, a weapon shop is always present in the city, where you can use the coins you earn to purchase weapons, ammo, and armor. When you’re ready to purchase, simply glance at the tiny map in the left corner to find it right away.

Level up the hero

You can upgrade your hero through mission success, which will boost his attack speed, damage output, and stamina. You can decide to raise the hero’s stats based on the circumstance. Even with more sophisticated combat techniques, it is now feasible to move along building roofs, scale tall walls, and pursue speed like a Hidden Ninja. There are several metrics that may be upgraded in addition to these fundamental ones to help you become more combat-ready, including the opportunity to purchase extra armor, guns, and vehicles in the real world. Your ability to drive a car skillfully and accelerate when necessary will improve the more vehicles you drive. You might enjoy Rope Hero: Vice Town.

MOD APK version of Rope Hero 3

MOD feature

  • Unrestricted funds
  • Unrestricted funds

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Download Rope Hero 3 APK & MOD for Android

Rope Hero 3’s expansive 3D world lets you virtually go anywhere and do whatever you want. This game’s audio is incredibly vibrant and energizing. There are too many exciting chases, the opponent has a lot of interesting secret skills, and the gameplay is both odd and familiar. Rope Hero 3 is a must-play for third-person shooter enthusiasts and those who adore the weird hero concept.

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